Let’s be honest, most of the content verticals that Next New Networks has been rolling out over the past few years haven’t exactly helped our love handles. A foodie network called Hungry Nation? Dan Delaney’s food truck exploits on VendrTV suddenly made Philly Cheesestake Hot Dogs cool again. And oogling the latest Obama Girl video might have something to do with our increasingly sedentary lifestyle. Even Auto-tune The News made cable news fun again.

ClickFitness logoSo thankfully, the popular online “network of networks” has decided to make good on their New Year’s Resolution (or at least ours) and is trying to get us all back in shape. Today the company launched ClickFitness, aimed at promoting “active and health-conscious lifestyles,” with three new original web series—Sarah Dussault’s Sarah’s Fit Show, Tara Stiles Yoga and Alycia Kluegl’s Empower Your Body.

The three new series are all part of the latest crop of NNN’s Next New Creators program, which teams up the network’s vast marketing and distribution resources with targeted original web shows. Like many of the series to join the program they feature a strong host personality with an existing following. Tara Stiles, for one, is the founder of her own New York City yoga studio, Strala, and even penned her own yoga book, Slim Calm Sexy Yoga.

Now, the real question is how many will tune in online to these new series. Just yesterday, Next New launched a special countdown to 1 billion views site, touting the milestone that is rapidly approaching. With an average of 125,000 lifetime views for each episode it has ever put out, you could argue that these new series have a leg up in terms of cross-network promotion. But then again, with a Yoga studio and a book to promote, Stiles’ Yoga series doesn’t exactly need the 30-million-view numbers of say, a Key of Awesome spoof video to be successful. Plus, it just might finally be what I need to man up and try yoga.

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