After investigating the internet’s go-to source for knowhow that is Yahoo! Answers (Note: Yahoo Answers is not the internet’s go-to source for knowhow and probably shouldn’t be used for anything except a good laugh or a newfangled drinking game that Urlesque develops) and consulting with a number of people who go through the ritual of putting up and decorating a Christmas Tree, I learned it’s totally appropriate to leave up any and all X-Mas decorations until New Years.

With that in mind, here are some Christmas-themed videos I’ve come across within the past couple weeks that are definitely worth mentioning before it becomes inappropriate to do so.

White House Christmas

If Barack Obama’s fireside chats on YouTube start to lose their luster, the President should hire whoever is the creative force behind the video above. (My guess is it’s Eric Warheim.)

Talk about a WTF internet?!? Jeffrey Feldman at the Huffington Post calls the White House Christmas Video “painfully unwatachable,” but I’d say it’s a definite must-see.

Rare Exports: Original Finnish Father Christmases

A twist on an origin story/myth is always a winner, and Finnish production house Woodpecker Films handles the true tale of Father Christmas with aplomb.

Trainers with knowledge and skills passed down generation by generation for over two centuries head to the forests of Lapland to trap wild Father Chrismases like they’re characters in a holiday-themed The Most Dangerous Game. Once captured, the soon-to-be Santa Clauses’ savage psyches are broken down and built back up, creating a refined, jolly staple of childhood affection that’s shipped out to countries around the world. It’s a process that Rare Exports Incorporated has been involved in since 1793.

Rare Exports: Safety Instructions for Father Christmases

The brainwashing of Father Christmases conducted by Rare Exports appears to be precarious at best. Follow the rules outlined above (basically, don’t be naughty) to make sure you don’t end up a holiday casualty and your rare import doesn’t end up dead.

The Burg is Depressed

I thought if the characters of Dinosaur Diorama‘s The Burg and The All-For-Nots met it would mean life as we know it stopping instantaneously and every molecule in our bodies exploding at the speed of light. I was wrong. It means Williamsburg breadlines for hipsters and the spreading of general holiday malaise.

The Guild: A Christmas Raid Carol

If your stockings were stuffed with the latest WoW expansion and you’re spending your holidays in Azeroth, then this Christmas Carol from The Guild is for you.

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