Cast Tim Meadows alongside two white guys – in this instance it’s Marc Evan Jackson and Bob Dassie – call them all brothers, don’t do any explaining, and you’ve just established a race-based comedic trope that keeps on giving.

That’s what got my first laugh in the new 60Frames series Carpet Bros. Created by famed and former SNL writer Matt Piedmont and starring the above plus David Spade, Carpet Bros. kicks off circa 1975 as Brock Raylon, owner and founder of Carpet Galaxy – “Rancho Cucamonga’s home for discount carpets” – kicks the bucket. His death leaves his three sons in charge of the family business, trying to cope with their father’s loss while negotiating his massive debt.

It’s a mockumentary with mass appeal – every town has a wacko, cheapo carpet retailer – that’s beautifully produced – colors are fantastic and the miniature models used to establish locations are sweet – and doesn’t take itself too seriously. The latter is what got my second laugh.

Meadows plays oldest brother Skip Spence Raylon with an irreverent indifference that borders on out of character. At certain moments it looks like he’s thinking, “What am I, Tim Meadows, doing here, pretending to sell carpets in a show made for the web?” But it works, and the other bros. and Spade’s Raymond Davies Allen provide a good balance, moving the story back onto familiar comedic ground.

This is the type of stuff I’ve been waiting for from 60Frames. When UTA announced plans to create the new media studio last year, they promised original series with prime Hollywood talent. Now they’re finally delivering.

You can tell Carpet Bros. is quality work from seasoned professionals. There are a number of punny, rug-related jokes in the first episode – my favorite is “Carpet Diem” – but none of them involve female genitalia. The same premiere in the production hands of lesser talents would’ve gone for cheap laughs with obvious depravity.

But that bushleague stuff doesn’t fly with these guys. Meadows, Spade, and Piedmont know comedy too well to tell jokes from amateur hour. That’s why I’m tuning in.

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