Less than a year after leaders of a bloodthirsty cult sacrificed her lonelygirl15 character in the name of longevity, Jessica Lee Rose is set to star in another sensationalized series.

THR reports new media studio 60Frames will produce and Eduardo Rodriguez (who’s no novice to scary) will direct the 18 episodes of Blood Cell – an online thriller about a kidnapped teen in mortal danger. Here’s the tease:

3:30am (Los Angeles): Julia is jolted awake by the howl of her cellphone; a video message from her best friend, Susan. Her eyes are swollen from crying. Her upper lip shows a painful cut. And she’s scared to death. "I’ve been kidnapped… you can’t call the police… and don’t turn off your cell phone. He’ll kill me if you do…” Susan screams and the message cuts out. Confused, Julia receives a text message from the kidnapper: "Dead Cell = Dead Friend." A peaceful night turns into a race against time. Using her cellphone as her only lifeline, Julia must rescue her friend and avoid succumbing to a similarly gruesome fate.

The helpless, good-looking girl in trouble reminds me of lonelygirl15, but there’s something else familiar about this. Oh, it’s basically the same premise as the 2004 flick, Cellular: If The Signal Dies So Does She. That’s probably it, but hopefully it will better than it’s predecessor in the Tech/Horror genre.

Check out the preview below.  The rest of the series is set to air on www.DeadCellDeadfriend.com “soon.”

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