Black people love Chelsea Peretti. They’re so infatuated with the burgeoning queen of New York City’s downtown comedy scene that she and her brother Jonah created a forum just to show how much. In 2002, BlackPeopleLoveUs became a viral, race relations spoof site, displaying faux testimonials from a handful of black people describing Johnny and Sally Caucasian couple’s incredible appeal.

Other people love Chelsea Peretti, too. Apparently too many. To tackle this problem, her and brother Jonah set up the NYC Rejection Line. It’s a real phone number (try it – 212-479-7990 – option #3 is the best) handed out by unsolicited objects of affection to subpar suitors in lieu of actually telling whoever’s hitting on you to get the hell away.

With all that loving going on, there’s bound to be some loss.  And that’s what the comic’s Super Deluxe show, All My Exes is all about.

###Through candid interviews on makeshift sets in sterile apartments, Peretti sits down with ex-flame after ex-flame to find out what exactly went wrong as she tries “to get a little closure on camera.” While others here at Tilzy.TV believe Peretti should show more of her true self on the mock-talk-show, I think her character is what makes it work.

Wearing a stiff business woman’s suit, Peretti asks questions as if Barbara Walters adopted a Sarah Silverman vocabulary and a Captain Kirk affect. She’s pointed, forward, and caustic with a limited range of emotions and a way of speaking that pays no attention to the normal melodies and meter of human speech. This facilitates the uncomfortable silences and subtext that make the show worthwhile.

It’s also a reminder that this isn’t a conversation. It’s an interview. And it makes me want to set up soft lights in my apartment and adopt a character through which I can interrogate my exes and figure out wtf happened to enlightening comedic effect.

Peretti’s run through five or so lost loves so far. Next up is Ze. Yes, that Ze.  Maybe they split because she wasn’t into duckies or is horrible at making frieds.  Whatever the case may be, it’ll be intersting to see what went wrong in a relationship with the internet’s golden boy.

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