The Discovery feed, Twitch’s long-awaited answer to TikTok, is rolling out this month

By 04/18/2024
The Discovery feed, Twitch’s long-awaited answer to TikTok, is rolling out this month

The TikTok-ification of Twitch is nearly complete. The Amazon-owned hub has announced that its Discovery feed, which arranges clips and streams in an array that resembles the For You Page, will roll out to all users later this month.

The latest Discovery feed status update came during an episode of Patch Notes, Twitch’s weekly streaming show hosted by its internal staff. According to details provided by Twitch Product Manager Jessica Sung, the Discovery feed will be split into two sections: One for short-form video content and one for streams. The former feed will offer a similar experience to TikTok’s FYP, while the latter will help viewers learn about streamers they haven’t watched yet.

“In the live feed you can scroll through tons of live streams from both streamers you already follow as well as streamers that we recommend based on your watch history,” Sung said during the Patch Notes episode. “This is meant to help you find something quickly to watch without having to sit through a pre-roll ad before you even know if that content is something you’re going to like.”


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Over the past year, Twitch has encouraged its community to create more vertical videos alongside their other streams and VODs. A short-form video tool lets users create Twitch clips that can be distributed across the web, and thanks to the Discovery feed, those videos will be able to reach more viewers on Twitch as well.

Twitch CEO Dan Clancy mentioned the Discovery feed when he laid out the platform’s 2024 roadmap. Clancy said that the introduction of new formats and feeds is meant to create “a more modern, immersive viewing experience” on a platform that is best known for a specific type of content (streaming).

The Discovery feed was first teased at the 2023 edition of TwitchCon, the platform’s annual gathering in San Diego. TwitchCon will return to San Diego in September after first heading back to Europe for a June get-together in Rotterdam.

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