Dan Howell to cap off his ‘We’re All Doomed!’ tour with a livestream of the show’s “ultimate version”

By 02/08/2024
Dan Howell to cap off his ‘We’re All Doomed!’ tour with a livestream of the show’s “ultimate version”

Dan Howell is bringing the “ultimate version” of his live comedy stage show We’re All Doomed! to the internet Feb. 25.

Howell–who recently returned to making videos with longtime creative partner Phil Lester on their shared YouTube channel DanAndPhilGAMES–took We’re All Doomed! on more than 80 tour stops across the U.S., U.K., Australia, and New Zealand in 2022 and 2023.

But he knew that even with all those stops, he couldn’t accommodate every one of his fans who wanted to see him live.


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So, he’s decided to cap it all off with the livestreamed version, which will air on Kiswe (the interactive streaming platform that’s worked with creators like Smosh and Rhett & Link) Feb. 25 at 3 p.m. Eastern, and be available to audiences around the world for $14.99. Howell will be hanging out in text chat during the stream, and will host a viewer Q&A postshow for VIP attendees ($19.99).

Howell tells Tubefilter he originally wrote the show because “2021 into 2022, bit of a weird year for humanity. We kind of tried to forget those years happened, but I was in a really strange place mentally, and I was just sat upright in bed at night reading news stories, terrifying myself. It was an awful time for my mental health.

“I just thought, I need to do something that is not only gonna allow me to write myself out of this funk in a therapy kind of way, but also get me out of the house,” he says. “So this was a tour that I literally put myself on, and it’s a show that I wrote to save myself at a time when I needed it. I’m so excited and a little bit terrified to finally immortalize this thing and give it to the people.”

When Howell went back to revise the show for a 2024 audience, he thought he’d have to cheer it up a little bit.

“The funny thing is, I was thinking, I wrote the show in 2022. The world has changed a lot since then. Does it still work? And I’m happy to report the world has gotten worse in almost every single way!” he says. “This is more relevant than ever! That’s terrible. But good, I guess.”

He’ll film the ultimate version at the Alexandra Palace Theatre in London Feb. 11. Fans will have access to the pay-per-view VOD after We’re All Doomed! airs on Kiswe Feb. 25.

“All of my audience can come together no matter where they are in the world,” Howell says. “I just want it to feel like this is an event where no longer will anyone be excluded for any reason.”

Tickets for the We’re All Doomed! stream are available for purchase here.

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