Millionaires: Mimo bakes her way to one million followers

By 01/12/2024
Millionaires: Mimo bakes her way to one million followers

Welcome to YouTube Millionaires, where we profile channels that have recently crossed the one million subscriber mark. There are channels crossing this threshold every week, and each creator has a story to tell about YouTube success. Read previous installments here.

When we first spoke to Mirvat Hachem-Osseili–aka Mimo–in September 2022, she was sitting at around half a million subscribers, and told us she wasn’t sure she’d ever hit a million.

Well, a little over a year later, and she’s just about to. And that’s just on YouTube–over on TikTok, she already has nearly 4 million followers.


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But let’s back up. For those who didn’t catch our previous interview with Hachem-Osseili, she’s a self-taught baker who went from making her five siblings’ birthday cakes as a kid to running her own one-woman bakery out of her house. She got her start in content by making videos about the grueling weekly routine she had to keep in order to get all her cakes out on time. Her channel, Bake My Day Mimo, went through a seven-day cycle, from “Drop it like it’s hot Mondays,” where she baked the core cakes for all of the week’s orders, to “Topper Tuesday,” where she handmade decorations, to “Flavor Friday,” where everything started coming together with fillings and buttercreams.

That baking–and upload–schedule helped Hachem-Osseili take off on social media. But it was also hard on her. She was making five or six cakes a week sometimes, and between that and content, she didn’t have time for much else.

Thanks to what she’s earned from YouTube and TikTok, though, she’s now been able to scale back to taking three or, max, four orders a week. It gives her more time for her family and herself, and also lets her make content about cakes that aren’t for customer orders, like her world doll cakes (one of which was sold for donations to Palestine aid, something about which Hachem-Osseili, who was born in war-torn Lebanon, is passionate about), as well as mix in some baking tips, like this clip about how to get darker buttercream using an immersion blender.

“I barely had time to breathe,” Hachem-Osseili says. “It was ridiculous. Now I exercise, I find myself eating healthier because I can actually make something healthy. I could read at night when I never was able to because I’d just go to bed tired. then I have time to edit more videos. Now that the kids are getting older, they’re more independent. It’s been nice. I love it. That’s why it’s been awesome, the opportunity I’ve been given.”

Check out our chat with her below.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Tubefilter: Hello, how are you? It’s been a while.

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: Hi. I’m good. How are you?

Tubefilter: I’m doing good. How long has it been since we spoke?

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: I don’t know, to be honest.

Tubefilter: I think it’s been just over a year actually.

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: Really? Wow, okay.

Tubefilter: It has, yes. September 2022.

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: Oh my god. It has. It’s been a full year. That’s crazy.

Tubefilter: It’s been a full year. I distinctly remember during our first interview that you told me you didn’t think you’d ever hit a million subscribers. Now you’re very close to doing it.

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: I don’t know. I’ve gotten into the whole Palestine thing, so that’s really bought it down a little bit, but that’s okay.

Tubefilter: I wanted to ask if you felt you’re still having censorship issues with TikTok.

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: They did take down one of my videos, actually two, but this was for Palestine. Which I don’t understand because I know it’s a Chinese app, so it makes me wonder, why do they care? I don’t get that whole thing. It’s just more so the views. I think once you mention it, you got to find a tricky way around it.

Tubefilter: Has YouTube continued to be your main focus?

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: Yes. To be honest, I usually just upload on TikTok just because most of the brands for some reason want to work with TikTok, so that’s why I upload there. Then Instagram I’ve always had forever. I’ve had since they started. Again, I just upload for the followers that I’ve had, my OG followers. Really my focus is YouTube.

Tubefilter: I hear a lot of people are really struggling on Instagram.

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: What happens with Instagram is if you were an OG in the beginning before they introduced Reels, you were doing fine. It was okay. You had slow growth and whatnot, slow views, but no big deal you were getting there. Once Reels was introduced, and I noticed this from not only me, but a lot of the OGs pull from the beginning of Instagram, their views plummeted and their following plummeted. It was more so the new people joining in and creating Reels, they were the ones that just skyrocketed out of nowhere. I don’t know what was up with that. I was even considering deleting my page and starting anew just because that’s what I’ve noticed but I was like, “No, that’s so much work.”

Tubefilter: I have heard that a lot of people who had an established presence there are having a tough time.

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: Yes. Which is unfortunate, because you would think the ones who first started would be the ones who would benefit a little bit, but that’s not the case.

Tubefilter: How have things changed for you over the past year? Has anything changed for you?

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: in terms of the page, it’s gotten really, really slow. It has, but there’s still growth, but it’s okay. I’m very grateful for it, and I’m very grateful for it still being there. It’s been good–although TikTok is the same. Actually no, TikTok’s gotten worse, but other than that–

Tubefilter: It’s gotten worse in terms of growth or people?

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: Oh, growth. No growth. I’ve been at a stagnant 3.8 million for a while and now it’s just like, I’m at 3.7, 790,000. Although when you go to it, it says 3.8. So once you get to the 0.5 level, they start to round up. I don’t know why they do that. If you were to go to my page and see, but you’re at 3.8, but I’m not, it’s less than that and they just round up. I don’t know why. Unfortunate. I said, with Palestine, it’s dangerous grounds, is what I’d like to say. I can’t stay quiet. I can’t. I’ve been given platforms. If you’ve followed me and you’ve seen, it’s not like I’ve just newly started talking about stuff like this. I always have, so that’s okay.

Tubefilter: Yes, a lot of people are staying out of it. Either making no statement or making both-sides statements.

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: They’re afraid, so it’s understandable, but I think the guilt would keep me up at night, so I can’t do it.


Tubefilter: I am curious. You feel like your growth has slowed down on YouTube. Do you have any idea why?

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: I don’t know. I even asked them, I’m like, “Do you guys want me to change? What would you like to see more of?” I’ve noticed a lot of the ASMR baking videos really tend to do great, so I tried that for a little bit, but that really didn’t do great. Then I noticed a lot more– What other videos would do good? I’ve tried to do trends in terms of what cake trends people want to see, but that also didn’t benefit me in any way. I was like, “What do you guys want more of?” I did a little post and they told me, they were like, “Nothing, stay exactly the same. This is a great. We love your voiceovers. We love your cakes. Just don’t change it.”

I’m like, “All right.” So I don’t know. A few have said that, “I stopped seeing you on the For You page as often as I used to,” so I think that might be it.

Tubefilter: It’s always tricky.

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: It is. It’s okay. Look, I was great and lucky in the beginning, and it’s fine. I’m not complaining. I love it. So it’s okay if there’s been really slow growth. At least it’s growing.

Tubefilter: How have things gone with your baking business?

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: My baking business, I’m very fortunate to have cut down on, which is great, because if I can earn some income from YouTube and from TikTok, it’s way better than making seven cakes a week and being exhausted and having no time for myself. I love it, to be honest with you. I’m more able to do more content cakes. That’s another thing, I’ve tried to include content cakes. I’m like, “Okay, what do you guys want to see?” I’ve made cakes that are popular at the moment. I think I tried to do a Wednesday-themed cake. Then do you know the toilet Bibbidi-Bop thing on YouTube? I don’t know if you know it.

Tubefilter: [laughs] Yes. Skibidi Toilet.

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: I made that because I was like, “Man, the views on that is insane and I don’t understand it.” I made a Bibbidi-Bop toilet where he pops out and that didn’t do so great. I’m like, “Okay, I thought people would love this.” It’s very fun. When my nephew told me, he’s like, “Why did you make this?” I was like, “What is it?” He showed me, I’m like, “What is that?” He’s like, “People like it.” I’m like, “Okay, I’ll do that.”

Tubefilter: We’ve got a database where we can see views on YouTube. It was the most-watched thing on YouTube for a month straight.

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: Oh my god.

Tubefilter: Across the world. Any category.

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: This is what boggles me. What is interesting about– I don’t know. You know what, good for them. I just don’t get it. I would say maybe it’s the kids that are making it popular. The younger generations, but it’s all the same. My son showed me it. He’s like, “See? I’m like, “It’s all the same thing,” but I don’t know.

Tubefilter: The kids like it.

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: The kids like it, yes.

Tubefilter: It seemed like you were doing some more videos about technical aspects of baking. Like the one with your immersion blender.

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: Oh my god, that one did so good. It’s so weird.

Tubefilter: The immersion blender icing, which is fascinating because I’ve also always wondered how the hell people get dark colors, and now it makes sense.

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: It’s so weird, though. That video, I was like, “What the heck?” Then some people were like, “Did you turn it on?” I’m like, “No, of course I turned it on.”

Tubefilter: Imagine you put it in and just let it sit there.

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: I was like, “What is so intriguing about that? I was like, “You know what, I’ll do another.” If I do need to make another darker color, I was planning on doing another one in terms of using the immersion blender. I’m like, “You know what, every time I need to use that blender, I’m going to go ahead and make a video out of it.”

Tubefilter: For some reason, any kind of DIY always does really well.

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: Yes. I did notice that. If you do more of that type of thing, it does tend to do pretty good, even if it’s simple. I feel very insensitive posting regular cake content at the moment. I don’t know how much longer I can wait because I know it’s my job, but I feel like it doesn’t make sense. It’s like, “Hello, lali dadi da,” while the world is dying around me, but okay.

Tubefilter: Yes, no, I totally get it.

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: I’m putting them out there though. I do have one I’m going to post right now and I have another– I’m making a Palestine-themed cake, so I feel like that might do good. We’ll see.

Tubefilter: I’m curious to see how that performs. Is that the one you’re posting today?

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: I know, me too. And no. The one I’m posting today is just a regular cake that I worked on, but, with a voiceover talking about the whole conflict. But then I am going to finish the other one and possibly, hopefully, I’ll post it today, maybe in the evening. We’ll see. It’s the scarf, the black and white one that they wear. It’s going to look similar to that, but the vintage-like heart cake ones. I thought I’d turn that into that because I feel like that would be cool.

Tubefilter: Do you want to talk a little bit about why this is so important to you to not stay quiet?

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: Being a Muslim, I feel like whatever gets given to me, I know I worked hard for it, but at the same time, it’s from God and I cannot have some platform like I do. I might not be huge, but I have a little bit of a voice. I cannot stand in front of God on judgment day and He– I’m sorry, I’m going to get emotional.

Tubefilter: No, it’s okay. And if you don’t want to talk about it, that’s completely fine.

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: No, it’s fine. It’s just, since it started, just every day I wake up just to look at what’s going on and then I see more horrid videos and then I go to sleep and I see more horrid videos. Because media just is such a lie. CNN and NBC and Fox and all of them, they’ve just been lying for years to the people. They’ve made people hate Muslims. Just to see the world waking up because of social media, it brought tears to my eyes, but happy tears. The other day somebody posted and they said, “You Muslims are some of the kindest people I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe I didn’t know this before.” Then somebody in the comments said, “They’ve made you hate us for years.”

That hit me so hard because I was like, “Oh my god, it’s so true.” Now that social media is out, everybody’s seeing the reality of it and they’re like, “Wow, what else have they lied to us about?” I feel like it’s very important because that motivates me more to help with the course. To show them that you’ve been lied to all along and we don’t know what else you’ve been lied to about, but they can’t hide the truth anymore. They can’t. If we all come together and we all show you guys, they cannot hide the truth anymore.

I can’t stay quiet. When it comes to the injustice of humanity, I can’t. I didn’t stay quiet for the Black Lives Matter movement. With natural disasters, that’s something completely different, but I always try to post about that, and then there’s this because I don’t know if you know, but Israel was at war with Lebanon for 23 years, 1978 to the year 2000 and I was born in 1981, so I was born into war. Then when we went back in the year 2000, we kicked their ass. Let’s just be honest. They left, they came back 2006 and tried to do the same thing. They basically massacred one of the villages in Lebanon. The same thing that’s happening in Gaza is the same thing that they did there.

It hits close to home. It’s not just in terms of injustice and the voice of the people, but it also hits close to home. Then we kicked their ass again. I guess that’s why. I’m sorry.

Tubefilter: No, don’t apologize at all. This is important.

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: Thanks. I can’t for the life of me, understand how, if you’ve seen the videos coming out from Gaza from numerous accounts, they’re right there. They’re on the ground. How could you still say, “Oh, I’m neutral on the subject.” I’m like, “What?” It’s like saying I’m neutral about the Holocaust. Like, “Oh, maybe Hitler had a point.” It doesn’t make sense.

Tubefilter: I have seen people make direct Holocaust parallels now, and people still just are like, “No, it’s not the same.” Denial.

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: It’s literally a concentration camp. There’s two million people in there and that’s all it is. They’re not allowed to leave. They want to massacre them. They won’t let them leave, the Egyptian border, they’ve blocked off. They won’t let aid come through and they won’t let them go into Egypt. I know a lot of people are like, “Why doesn’t the other countries help? Why don’t they come in?” They don’t understand that if they come in, it’s world war. If Egypt was to come in, if Lebanon was to step in, you’re talking about a world war. So they really have to consider what they’re doing. The only thing they can help with is aid, unfortunately.

Tubefilter: The U.S. administration just won’t go against Israel.

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: They want a foothold in the Middle East. Israel is their only way in. They’ve tried with everybody else and they couldn’t do it. Israel is their baby. No, not baby. Israel is their daddy, is how you could say it. That’s why they babysat them so much and that’s why they get all the money. That’s pretty much it. People have been so terrified to say it, but not anymore.

Tubefilter: It’s tough hearing about people in our government who are pro-ceasefire, but nothing changes.

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: I know. The billions of dollars that goes there and I’m like, “We’re suffocating here.” The healthcare sucks. The school system is unbelievable. Could you imagine? Our country could be amazing if we just invested in it. It’s so unfortunate.

Tubefilter: It’s true. And thank you for talking about this. I know it’s important to you.

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: It is important. Honestly, when this is written in history books, you got to ask yourself, what side of history do you want to be on? Every day I wake up praying and I turn on my phone, I’m like, “All right, let’s see what crap we’re going to see today.” It’s the same crap and it’s horrible. Before I got on the phone with you, I was in tears. I’m like, “I shouldn’t, let’s get it good for the interview.”

Tubefilter: Then I make you cry! I’m so sorry.

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: No, you didn’t. Listen, it’s okay. I’ve been crying for the past, how long has it been now? 18 days, so don’t worry. It’s okay. You made me laugh, so it’s okay.

Tubefilter: Good. As long as I do that too.

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: Yes, you did. Thank you. I’m a horrible person to like to speak about anything because I just get so sensitive and I’ll just start crying.

Tubefilter: I know that feeling. Okay, here, let’s shift topic: I did want to ask, a lot of your content used to be your daily routine with cakes. I feel like you’ve shifted a little bit away from that.

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: Just for now.

Tubefilter: Oh, just for now. Has your daily schedule changed overall?

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: No, it’s still the same thing. I know people look forward to the Drop It Like It’s Hot Monday and Topper Tuesday and whatever, but ever since this started like I said, I felt so insensitive to continue. I put a little halt on it for a little bit. This week I introduced it, but still keeping up with the topic. Drop It Like It’s Hot Monday just became Drop It Like It’s Hot Monday, but with a Dami Falasteeni song in the background instead. Then Topper Tuesday, again, I talked about something, and then even right now I’m going to do a Watering Wednesday, but throw a little bit of Palestine in there, so I don’t know.

I feel like it’s my duty to mix it up for a little bit until I can get back into my regular content.

Tubefilter: Your overall work schedule hasn’t changed?

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: No, it’s the same thing. I have to keep up with it, otherwise, I’ll be behind.

Tubefilter: How many cakes are you taking on a week now?

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: I only take three or four. Three at most, I think. They’re simple cakes. If it’s a tiered cake, then it’ll just be two orders. Then in between, I’ll throw some content cakes in there. Because I really do like doing cakes for fun and not just an order. This week I’m trying to see if I can get three cakes done for Palestinian-themed cakes, with my other orders. It’s been very nice. I was just going to say, that’s why I love it because I feel so fortunate that I can do that. Even if the views decreased, even if the income decreased, it’s still equivalent to what I was making when I was just popping out cakes continuously. So it’s nice.

Tubefilter: I was going to say I think last time we spoke, you didn’t really have time to do anything for yourself in terms of a lot of other things.

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: No. Oh my god. I barely had time to breathe. It was ridiculous. Now I exercise, I find myself eating healthier because I can actually make something healthy. I could read at night when I never was able to because I’d just go to bed tired. then I have time to edit more videos. Now that the kids are getting older, they’re more independent. It’s been nice. I love it. That’s why it’s been awesome, the opportunity I’ve been given.

Tubefilter: Good. I’m very glad to hear. You definitely ran ragged last year. I’m glad that that’s been able to change and that the money from YouTube has helped balance that out for you.

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: It has. It’s great. Thankfully. I’m hoping for brand deals, but they haven’t really– I joined a brand. I think it’s the branded, creator thing for YouTube. They sent me a survey and I’m like, “I can’t really take this because I didn’t get anything.” It’s probably because I’m a little controversial in topics and stuff, but it’s okay.

Tubefilter: Oh, I was going to ask, you mentioned that brands wanted to work more over on TikTok, have you gotten requests from brands there?

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: I do. I get brands and usually they ask for a TikTok collaboration and I even tell them in the email, “I have YouTube and this is how many I have on there, so if you’d like to also collab on YouTube,” but they’re always like, “No, just TikTok.” So I don’t know what it is. I don’t know how we can shift them over onto YouTube, but I don’t know. I guess they just want to deal with TikTok for now. I have an ad coming up and I had the video recorded and everything, and they just want to do a TikTok collaboration. I can tell you, it’s for Dove.

It’s an amazing deal, but I reached out to them the other day and I’m like, “Listen, if you are pro-Israeli, I’m sorry, even though the work is done and we have the date set, I can’t work with you guys.” It’s a really good deal. They haven’t gotten back to me yet. It’s been I think six days. I think I know their answer.

Tubefilter: It’s a big deal for you to drop that.

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: I can’t work with them and be such an advocate. Then people will be like, “You’re such a hypocrite.” Brand works. You know what I mean? I have to be cautious. I told my husband because he knew about the deal and I’m like, “Listen, if they’re pro-Israeli, I’m not taking it.” He’s like, “That’s fine.” I’m like, “Okay.”

Tubefilter: I’m pretty sure he wasn’t surprised.

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: Because it’s good money. Even the Starbucks coffee. We don’t buy Starbucks, so it doesn’t really faze us. We just buy the K-cups and he loves the K-cups. I told him the other day, and he’s really adamant. When he loves his stuff, he loves his stuff. I’m like, “Listen, I’m not buying Starbucks K-cups anymore.” He’s like, “All right.” I’m like, “Really? Oh my god. Okay.” He’s like, “Yes, but we got to find a coffee.” I’m like, “That’s fine.”

Tubefilter: What does your husband do?

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: He’s a real estate agent. He’s been a real estate agent for 25 years now. Thankfully he’s doing well.

Tubefilter: It’s a difficult market to be in.

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: Right now, yes, but he peaked during COVID. As bad as COVID was, it was a blessing for us for real estate. It was insane. Then when COVID died down, the real estate business died down. Right now the market’s just awful.

Tubefilter: Is there a reason it took off?

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: The interest rates went down. Interest rates went down, so everybody was like, “Oh, man, this is a great time to sell and buy.” It was insane. He’s like, “Man, I’ve never done so good in my life.” Like I said, as horrible as COVID was, it really did do him well, thankfully. Because obviously, I’m not the main source of income in the household. I’m like the side job of grocery bills, stuff that kids might need, things like that. He’s the big boss of the income, thankfully.

Tubefilter: I’m glad that you have that freedom to be more creative.

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: It does. It gives me the freedom to be more creative. Not that he won’t say no, but I could use my own money to buy whatever I want. I bought myself a brand purse the other day and he was like, “Is it worth it?” I’m like, “Yes, it is. It’s my first brand purse, so leave me alone.”

Tubefilter: What brand was it?

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: I got Louis Vuitton.

Tubefilter: Oh, classic. Very classic. What color?

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: It’s so pretty. Black.

Tubefilter: Oh, black. Very classic. I’m fully in support of investing in treats for yourself.

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: It is, it’s a treat. What I’ve seen, because I’m not into fashion that much either, but I do love purses, but from what I’ve seen, they don’t lose their value. It’s like investing in gold, so why not?

Tubefilter: Bags are good to invest in, yeah. And it can sound silly, but it really is an achievement in terms of, you can tell where you are in your career and in your goals when you’re able to do that.

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: Yes, you’re right. It is. When I hold it, I feel like I earned this, I earned this on my own, so it’s nice.

Tubefilter: Speaking of other achievements, though, I think you will hit a million around the end of the year or beginning of next year.

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: Oh, thank you. I hope so. If I don’t, it’s okay. It’ll happen, but I’m good.

Tubefilter: You hit a million far earlier on TikTok.

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: TikTok, in the beginning, I won’t lie, it was easy. Now it’s plateaued tremendously. In the beginning, it was okay, so that’s okay. I don’t stress much.

Tubefilter: What about YouTube?

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: YouTube in the beginning was pretty good, too. Every week, I’d open it up and I’m like, “Whoa, I got an extra 10k.” It was great. I’m not going to lie, that high, that feeling, it was nice.

Tubefilter: And it’s slowed down post-COVID.

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: It has and I feel like because it’s so saturated with so many content creators, that it just doesn’t really help you with the algorithm much, but it’s okay. Like I said, I’m good, thankfully.

Tubefilter: Do you do any long-form, or are you interested in doing any long-form?

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: I do some, I haven’t done one in a month. I think it’s Chelsea is who I speak with at YouTube. She told me, “You can create some of your vertical videos into long form and just keep them at two minutes.” Those have been doing great. Instead of the horizontal because to edit those does take a while. I have been trying to do that, but like I said, ever since this started, I had one I was going to upload but it’s just been blah. I don’t know.

Tubefilter: Long-form is a different animal.

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: It is. It really is. It’s a lot more work, I think. I know it’s the one where you do make the money there too. I do. I should try and do more long-form.

Tubefilter: I’d advise it. But you’re doing well with short-form.

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: Yes. It’s the easier one. I feel like that’s what a lot of people have shifted over because of TikTok, it’s just easier. You just scroll. My own son, I watch him and he just scrolls through the YouTube Shorts. Sometimes he’s just scrolling and I’m like, “Do you even watch? All I see you is go there.” He’s like, “I don’t find it interesting, so I swipe.” I’m like, “Okay.” He even swipes on me. I’m like, “Oh, boy. At least like it before you swipe! My goodness.”

Tubefilter: Living under your own roof. Terrible.

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: I’ll hear my voice in the background and then I’ll hear it go away and I’m like, “Did you just swipe my video?”

Tubefilter: Oh my god. Terrible!

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: Right? My own flesh and blood. People’s attention spans, even me…

Tubefilter: I catch myself doing it too. I’ll see like a video essay–and I love video essays on YouTube. But I will look at something that’s 40 minutes long and I’m like, “Ugh.”

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: Right? My friend sends me something that’s three minutes, I’m like, “Excuse me. Can you just give me an idea or summarize what the heck that’s about? I’m not going to watch it.” It’s so bad.

Tubefilter: At least you’re reading though. It’s so good to read. It’s so strange how reading is a luxury now, reading before bed.

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: It’s so good because it really mentally just lets you relax for a little bit. Because like I said, I’ve been scrolling through the videos and my mom yells at– Actually, I was just talking to her this morning and she yelled at me and she’s like, “I told you to stop.” I’m like, “Mom, I just can’t help it.” So I scrolled and I’m like, “Okay, fine.” I put it down and then I get a book just to take it away. It’s unfortunate. It’s so bad. Sorry, I don’t want to be a downer. I didn’t want to be a downer.

Tubefilter: No, I like interviewing you because you’re so honest. You just say what you think.

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: Oh, thank you.

Tubefilter: I know it’s difficult to talk about now, but do you have anything that you’re looking forward to–any plans or goals?

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: No, honestly, I really truly was looking forward to making some Halloween cakes. I was looking forward to making a little fall-themed cakes–

Tubefilter: You did a Ghostface cake, right?

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: I did. That was before all of this happened. It was. I had some other ideas. I was going to make another one that bled like bled well and then a Freddy Krueger one. It’s too late now, but I really was looking forward to doing that. Hopefully, something will be resolved by Christmas and then we can do some Christmas cakes. I’m looking forward to that.

Tubefilter: Gotcha. Overall, you feel like you’re in a good balance with things?

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: I am. Thank you. I feel good. I’m thankful, so it’s good.

Tubefilter: Anything else you want readers to know, or anything else you want to talk about?

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: No, not really. I know I’ve been called unkind and a liar because of the recent videos and whatever. I hope they don’t see that. It’s fine. I don’t want those kinds of people on my page. I hope they just continue to watch. I hope it opens their eyes because people learn and I know people make mistakes. Even if they were prior to this, neutral, or pro-Israel, whatever, they can always come back and be like, “You know what, I’ve done my research, I’ve been educated on the subject, I’ve learned and I was wrong.” It’s okay. I know.

Tubefilter: I hope people become more willing to research.

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili: I really do. 

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