aceu was offered $3,500 to order a pizza on stream

By 09/14/2023
aceu was offered $3,500 to order a pizza on stream

aceu could have made $3,500 for ordering one (1) pizza.

Back in 2018, Twitch introduced its Bounty Board, where streamers can accept brand-offered “bounties” in exchange for cash bonuses. These bounties can involve things like streaming specific games for specific lengths of time or airing trailers for upcoming movies/TV shows on stream.

But a recent bounty aceu (who grew his audience on Twitch with impressive Apex Legends gameplay) spotted was a little different.


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As first reported by Dexerto, he saw an offer from Domino’s where he’d be paid $3,500 if he simply ordered a pizza to be delivered while he was broadcasting.

He apparently did not take the bounty, and joked about it on stream, saying, “Do you know how free it is being a streamer? Today, I looked at my bounty board, I had a bounty for $3,500, and all you have to do is order a Domino’s Pizza. It’s actually insane. Like that is so stupid. What a world we live in.”

We don’t know how high other bounty payouts are currently, but judging by aceu’s reaction, it seems Domino’s’ offer might be on the higher end.

Either way, this is a somewhat rare glimpse into streamer finances–and it’s not the only glimpse we’ve gotten recently. Also this week, Mizkif accidentally left up a page showing his Twitch earnings live on stream. According to the page, he made $13,168.32 from Sept. 5 to Sept. 11, which was up $2,189.90 from the $10,978.42 he made the week prior. That brings him to a total of $24,146.74 for September so far.

During the week of Sept. 5-11, he had streamed for around 14 hours, meaning he made nearly $1,000 per hour he spent broadcasting.

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