The “voice of TikTok” comes to the Calm app to provide a relaxing alternative to bedtime scrolling

By 08/30/2023
The “voice of TikTok” comes to the Calm app to provide a relaxing alternative to bedtime scrolling

If you’re the type of person who can’t fall asleep without spending a few minutes (or hours) on your For You Page, then Calm has news for you. The wellness app has debuted Once Upon a TikTok Tale, a story narrated by “voice of TikTok” Kat Callaghan.

Calm’s TikTok Tale is a long-form saga that takes listeners through dreamy versions of popular TikTok trends. If you can stay awake long enough, Callaghan will present you with ASMR delivery, lo-fi beats, and much more. Callaghan’s voice becomes slower and softer as the story heads toward its subdued conclusion.

Callaghan co-hosts a show for a radio station in Ontario, but she’s best known as the disembodied voice of TikTok’s text-to-speech function. For years, she performed that duty anonymously, but she revealed her true identity last year. For Calm’s TikTok Tale, she adopts a persona named Jessie.


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In a post on X, Callaghan invited her growing fanbase to check out her Calm story. “Be honest, she wrote, “you listen to me before you fall asleep anyway.”

“Recording the Calm Sleep Story was different from anything I have done before,” Callaghan told TechCrunch. “Not only due to having to mix two intonations, but also slowing down the Jessie voice. It is known so well for being fast-paced and peppy. While you still get that upbeat tone, you hear it in a whole new way.”

As of last month, Calm has more than four million paying subscribers. A yearly subscription to the app — which offers meditations, sleep aids, and other pieces of mindful media — costs $69.99.

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