YouTube leads Twitch in survey of teenage gaming habits

By 08/23/2023
YouTube leads Twitch in survey of teenage gaming habits

Twitch is well-known for its focus on video games, but a different platform seems to have a greater impact on teens’ gaming habits. A report from Precise TV and Giraffe Insights shows that 76% of teenagers who watch creators play video games do so on YouTube.

Precise TV and Giraffe Insights surveyed 1,000 people between the ages of 13 and 17 to compile the Precise Advertiser Report – Teens & Youth (PARTY). Many of the findings in the report relate to the consumption of gaming content. While 76% of respondents watch other players on YouTube, only 40% watch on Facebook. Twitch ranked third on that axis with a 34% share, while rival Kick reached 20% for the first time.

One factor driving YouTube’s success among gamers is its sheer scale. 93% of teens play video games, according to the PARTY report, and 82% of teens watch YouTube, which compares favorably to the 65% share earned by TikTok. Based on these percentages, it makes sense that YouTube is the most common source for game recommendations among teens. It drives 46% of those recs, according to the survey.


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The PARTY report also includes input from the parents of the teenage respondents. More than half of those adults said they purchase games for their kids at least once a month, and their familiarity with YouTube may be affecting their kids’ consumption habits. “YouTube is simply more widely available to teen gamers,” Novus Media VP and Head of Digital Paul DeJarnatt told Digiday. “Parents understand it better and are generally more comfortable with it.”

Twitch may cater to specific gaming niches, but YouTube has deep coverage of teen-approved titles like Minecraft and Roblox. Many of its top creators have dedicated gaming channels. The PARTY report cited MrBeast and PewDiePie as two of the biggest gaming influencers among teens.

The PARTY report also includes numbers related to teens’ ad preferences. Spoiler alert: Young gamers are more likely to remember YouTube ads compared to ads on other platforms. To download a full rundown of the report’s findings, head over to the Precise TV website.

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