There’s gonna be an “Ice Cream So Good” song

By 07/31/2023
There’s gonna be an “Ice Cream So Good” song

The “ice cream so good” TikToker is turning her catchphrases into a song.

Fedha Sinon, aka Pinkydoll, has been all over the internet lately after her NPC streams, where she acts like a non-playable character from a video game and responds with specific phrases and behaviors when viewers send her virtual gifts, went viral on Twitter. (No, we are not calling Twitter “X.”)

Now, Sinon is parlaying that viral momentum into a single–and a deal with fast-fashion company Fashion Nova.


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“Your girl Pinkydoll is working on a big project,” she said in a new upload. “I told you, your girl Pinkydoll is here to stay forever. Remember when I say that. Forever. And I mean it.”

The video ends with a short clip of the song, which is called “Ice Cream So Good” and is a mishmash of Sinon’s catchphrases, including “Yes yes yes” and “Thank you, doll,” plus a name drop for Fashion Nova.

@pinkydollreal Big announcement 📣📣📣🍦 COLLAB WITH @FashionNova 🍦 #fashionnova #viral #ptp #fyp #foryoupage #pourtoipage #pinkydoll #announcement ♬ son original – Pinkydoll

Sinon didn’t say when the song will be released, or what her partnership with Fashion Nova will entail, but she did say this is all “just the beginning” of what she’s working on.

It’s not surprising Sinon wants to keep this train going as long as possible: She claimed she’s making $7,000+ every single day from TikTok and OnlyFans, and that each NPC stream brings in between $2,000 and $3,000. Her success inspired Kai Cenat to give NPC streaming a try, and he made a whopping $6,000 in one hour.

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