Unilever promotes its home goods brands as the official sponsor of #CleanTok

By 06/23/2023
Unilever promotes its home goods brands as the official sponsor of #CleanTok

#CleanTok is getting some love from one of the biggest consumer goods giants in the world. The TikTok hashtag, which aggregates cleaning hacks from across the app, will get an official sponsor in the form of international conglomerate Unilever.

The deal will connect Unilever to TikTok’s top source for home maintenance advice. Clips featuring the #CleanTok tag have been viewed more than 80 billion times to date. In those videos, fastidious TikTokers offer time-saving tips that often double as oddly satisfying viewing experiences.

@giljuhfs cleaning thos wall was so satisfying #cleanfreshhype #fyp #cleantok #cleaning #cleaningtiktok #cleaninghacks #cleanwithme #lysoltoiletbowlcleaner ♬ original sound – GILJUHFS


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Unilever brands like Dove and Seventh Generation are dependable choices for cleaning in the United States, but the #CleanTok sponsor will focus on other regions. The campaign will run until January 2024, highlighting brands like Dirt Is Good, Cif, Domestos, and Sunlight and Comfort in the UK, Vietnam, Turkey, Brazil, Philippines, Thailand, France, the Netherlands, Argentina, and Indonesia.

During that period, Unilever’s Cleanipedia hub will be the exclusive sponsor of #CleanTok. As its name implies, Cleanipedia is a digital hub filled with tips and tricks for tidying up.

“There is a huge amount of emotion attached to our homes,” said Unilever’s Home Care CMO, Eduardo Campanella, in a statement. “So, while cleaning products have been traditionally seen as functional, and the act of cleaning as a chore, the results that come from using the right products in the right way can bring a huge amount of satisfaction.”

Unilever will also forge some partnerships with creators as part of its campaign. According to Social Media Today, TikTokers working with Unilever include Chris Joyz, Mumuk Gomez, and Sena Bostanci.

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