Patreon is giving creators a new way to earn money from their fans

By 06/21/2023
Patreon is giving creators a new way to earn money from their fans

Patreon is ushering in some of the biggest changes it’s ever implemented. The ten-year-old fan funding platform is adjusting its subscription model so that patrons can receive some updates even if they’re not paying contributors. In addition, a tool titled Commerce will facilitate direct-to-consumer sales through the Patreon platform.

A blog post explains how these new tools will create a “new Patreon” that offers more flexibility than ever before. The goal of free access is to create a centralized space where creators can interact with as many of their fans as possible. “It’s completely free for creators to use Patreon and free for fans to join,” reads the post. “Members will get updates to their inbox, through the Patreon mobile app, and on the web, so they can easily stay connected to their favorite creators and everything they make. If creators want to start earning and building their businesses, they can introduce paid options at any time.”


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Commerce is also a departure from Patreon’s typical means of doing business. For much of its history, the company co-founded by musician Jack Conte has focused on its fan-funding model, which offers rewards to subscribers who deliver regular payments to their favorite creators. Now, Patreon users will be able to add another monetization model by selling items directly to fans. Those transactions will be processed through the same system Patreon uses for its subscriptions.

Patreon’s blog post cites “individual videos, podcast episodes, and other downloadable files” as products that could be sold through Commerce. The company also highlighted a few users who are already trying out the new features. The political media company Chapo Trap House is offering TV and film reviews for its audience, while gaming podcast Worlds Beyond Number is extending its Patreon prowess through a number of exclusives.

For transactions on Commerce, Patreon will take a 5% cut plus applicable fees and taxes. If you’re interested in checking out the new Patreon, you can get your name on a waitlist by clicking here. Patreon has indicated that “early access will be made available on a rolling basis in the coming months

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