The VTuber Awards are coming

By 06/01/2023
The VTuber Awards are coming

VTubers have cemented themselves as one of the most significant groups in the contemporary creator economy. Over the past year, virtual creators have emerged as replacements for human stars, made billionaires out of their managers, and attracted interest from major brands.

In December 2023, those pixelated personalities will get their very own award show. That’s when a celebration called VTuber Awards will go live.

The VTuber Awards will be hosted by Filian, a VTuber with approximately 600,000 Twitch followers. Filian will emcee the festivities on her personal account, where she has previously collaborated with big shots like Twitch CEO Dan Clancy.


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For the VTuber Awards, Filian is teaming up with Mythic Talent, a full-service management firm affiliated with gaming organization OTK. Mythic launched earlier this year, with OTK co-owners Asmongold and TipsOut serving as two of its founders.

“It’s been a dream of mine to bring the entire Vtubing community together,” Filian wrote in a tweet announcing the VTuber Awards. “This show is going to be BIG.”

As VTubers have achieved more visibility in the streaming community, they have been recognized on the online video awards circuit. Both the Streamy Awards and Streamer Awards honored VTubers during their most recent ceremonies. CodeMiko won VTuber of the Year at the Streamy Awards, while Ironmouse earned the equivalent prize at the Streamer Awards.

The VTuber Awards will presumably honor virtual creators across a variety of categories, but we don’t yet know how big the show’s scope will be. Keep an eye on the Filian and Mythic Talent Twitter accounts to learn more details about the stream as they become available.

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