“The Kai ‘N Speed Show” debuts to 133,000 viewers

By 05/30/2023
“The Kai ‘N Speed Show” debuts to 133,000 viewers

A lot of eyes are on Kai Cenat and IShowSpeed.

Earlier this month, the two signed a multimillion-dollar deal with self-proclaimed “immune to cancel culture” platform Rumble for a joint weekly live program called The Kai ‘N Speed Show.

The first episode aired on Rumble May 26, and according to Streams Charts, hit peak concurrent viewership of 133,000 people. It also maintained an average viewership of 87,306 people throughout the four hours Cenat and IShowSpeed were live.


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For context, Cenat and IShowSpeed were two of the most-watched streamers on the internet in January, February, and March of this year. In that time period, Cenat hit 218,000 peak viewers on Twitch, and IShowSpeed hit 107,000 peak viewers on YouTube, per Streams Charts.

The duo will continue streaming separately–Cenat on Twitch, where he has 5.3 million followers, and IShowSpeed on YouTube (he’s banned from Twitch), where he has 16.8 million subscribers.

Rumble has also recently signed a content deal with JiDion and one with Mizkif, whose first Rumble stream on May 29 brought an average viewership of around 8,000 people–well below his 30-day average of 20,653 on Twitch.

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