If you have an “eye for trends,” an influencer marketing agency will pay you $1,000 to watch TikTok

By 05/22/2023
If you have an “eye for trends,” an influencer marketing agency will pay you $1,000 to watch TikTok

If you’re addicted to the For You Page, an influencer marketing agency just posted the perfect job for you. Ubiquitous Influence is hiring for a “TikTok Watching” position that pays $1,000 in exchange for ten hours of TikTok viewership.

That offer may sound like something you’d see in a clickbait YouTube video, but it’s a real deal: Ubiquitous plans to hire three TikTok watchers, whose ten-hour browsing sessions will reveal the trends that are currently rising on the short-form platform. Each participant will walk away with a four-digit sum after completing their ten-hour TikTok marathon.

This is the second time Ubiquitous has put out a call for a “TikTok Watching” job. Last time, it hired only one official viewer, but it’s now tripling its commitment to the experiment. “You probably already watch TikTok—why not get paid to do it?” reads a call for applicants on the Ubiquitous website. “We’re willing to pay three people $100 an hour to go on a 10-hour TikTok watching session to help us discover emerging new trends ‘in the field.’ No cap.”


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The Ubiquitous version of field research is an attempt to better understand the app on which the agency does a significant portion of its business. Its ideal candidate has “an eye for trends,” and the chosen TikTok watchers will ultimately share the themes they discover during their ten-hour binges. Those reports will be delivered as social media posts, so anyone who follows this experiment closely enough will get to see some of its results.

TikTok Watching applicants need to be at least 18 years old, but don’t be surprised if the agency chooses young professionals to fill its new positions. Several companies have hired Gen Z creators to apply their social media acumen to corporate operations.

Short-form video experts who are interested in the open Ubiquitous position must submit their applications by May 31. To be eligible, applicants are required to subscribe to the Ubiquitous YouTube channel. That’s where the agency — which has worked with clients like Adobe, Lyft, and Samsung — shares influencer marketing tips and client success stories.

The chosen candidates will be announced within seven days of the application deadline. Word of this job is traveling fast, so if you’re interested in getting paid to watch TikTok, don’t delay.

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