Twitch tells streamers to share their clips on YouTube Shorts

By 05/12/2023
Twitch tells streamers to share their clips on YouTube Shorts

Twitch is hyping YouTube Shorts.

As you probably know, when someone’s streaming on Twitch, they–and members of their community–are able to clip parts of their broadcasts and save those clips as individual videos. Since Twitch is notoriously not great at helping creators grow on its platform (something its new CEO says is a focus area for improvement), many streamers cross-post these clips on platforms that do have decent discoverability, like YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter.

Twitch seems to want to encourage that practice, considering its new clip editor is intended to make the cross-posting process easier for creators.


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Introduced May 11, the editor lets streamers convert clips from Twitch’s usual long-form landscape format to vertical video. It also, like TikTok, watermarks exported clips with the streamer’s username so viewers on other platforms are directed to their Twitch channel.

In a tweet about the editor, Twitch specifically said creators can use it to “[s]hare to YouTube Shorts and more”–so it’s pretty clear the Amazon-owned company is recognizing YouTube Shorts and its 30+ billion views per day as a source of potential growth for streamers.

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