Joshseki signs with Loaded (Exclusive)

By 05/03/2023
Joshseki signs with Loaded (Exclusive)

Fast-growing Twitch streamer, TikToker, and Valorant player Joshseki has signed with Loaded for representation in all areas.

Joshseki began streaming in 2021, went full-time in 2022, and joined esports org Evil Geniuses last October. He’s built a following of 328,000 on TikTok and 239,000 on Twitch, and on top of his Valorant skills, he’s become known for his commitment to inclusivity. He has regularly used his platform (and signature dry humor) to spotlight accomplished female gamers, roast misogynistic male gamers, and point out issues women in gaming face, like being targeted if they use voice chat.

“One of the reasons I decided to join Loaded was because of its reputation for inclusion and representing a diverse roaster of emerging and established creators on Twitch and across other platforms,” Joshseki tells Tubefilter. “It is nice to be working with partners that reflect the gaming community as a whole, not just one sector.”


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He adds, “With Loaded on board, I can focus on further developing my brand, content and partnerships without sacrificing my larger mission to make gaming a better place.”

Loaded says it plans to help Joshseki with licensing and merch initiatives, including launching his own clothing line.

“While Josh has only been streaming full-time for the past 8 months, he is already such a well known and beloved creator in the gaming community,” Bridget Davidson, President of Talent at Loaded, says. “He is entertaining and highly skilled at games like Valorant, but it’s his quick wit and wholesome personality that make him stand out amongst the sea of other FPS streamers in the space.”

Davidson says Loaded looks forward to helping Joshseki “grow his brand, expand his content mix to include more IRL and lifestyle, and pursue other ambitions like launching his own apparel.”

At Loaded, Joshseki joins a roster that includes well-known streamers like Shroud, QTCinderella, DrLupo, QuarterJade, Myth, CouRage, Tarik, Doublelift, Sydeon, and Storymodebae.

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