William Osman, Mark Rober, Code Miko headline upcoming gathering of YouTube engineers

By 03/10/2023
William Osman, Mark Rober, Code Miko headline upcoming gathering of YouTube engineers

This summer, science and engineering creators will flock to San Francisco for a star-studded gathering. Noted builder William Osman is organizing Open Sauce, a two-day event that will be attended by 75 of the top STEM influencers on YouTube and TikTok.

Open Sauce will take place at Pier 35 between July 15-16, 2023. Confirmed attendees include Mark Rober, Allen Pan, The Hacksmith, Jake Laser, Unnecessary Inventions, Michael Reeves, Emily the Engineer, The Backyard Scientist, and Code Miko. According to a press release, additional names on the Open Sauce guest list will be revealed “in the coming weeks.”

The event will be a who’s who of internet-famous engineers, and its festivities will straddle the line between science and content creation. Open Sauce is described as a mix between an online video convention and a science fair. There will be talks and panels hosted by the creators in attendance, and an expo hall will be filled with 150 interactive exhibits and projects from the maker community. If you’ve ever wanted to learn audience engagement lessons from Mark Rober before witnessing a real-life robot battle, Open Sauce should pique your interest.


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Osman is known for his egg drop videos, his collaborations with YouTube stars like MrBeast, and his commentary on the state of social media. He described Open Sauce as a get-together that “will capture the creator summer camp feeling of early YouTube conventions, where you interact with all of these people you watch online in real life.” His aim as the event’s organizer is to create something his “15-year-old self would have lost his mind over.”

In order to ensure that Open Sauce has an accessible feel, Osman is offering free exhibitor space to individuals, students, nonprofits, and open-source creators. General admission tickets went on sale on March 10 and are reasonably priced. An early bird price of $76.95 is currently available; as July approaches, the cost of Open Sauce admission will go up to $95. VIP packages range as high as $999 and offer access to an exclusive third day of happenings, which will occur on July 14.

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