Kai Cenat surpasses Ludwig’s subscription mark during epic Twitch marathon

By 02/28/2023
Kai Cenat surpasses Ludwig’s subscription mark during epic Twitch marathon

On Twitch, breakout streamer Kai Cenat is headed for unprecedented territory.

The 21-year-old New York native, who first turned heads as a member of the creator supergroup AMP, is wrapping up a 30-day sub-a-thon on his official Twitch account. As the campaign approaches its conclusion, Cenat has hit a major milestone: With more than 300,000 concurrent subscribers, he has surpassed Ludwig Ahgren and Tyler ‘Ninja‘ Blevins to become the all-time most-subscribed personality on the Amazon-owned streaming platform.

Cenat’s Twitch hub has been live since February 1, and viewers have flooded in to watch the outspoken star chase streaming history. Even when he sleeps, he draws substantial traffic. On the morning of February 28, more than 28,000 concurrent viewers tuned in to watch Cenat snooze in his bed.


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That viewership has translated into record-breaking subscription numbers. Toward the end of his 30-day Twitch run — which is set to expire on March 2 — Cenat surpassed Ninja’s high-water mark for concurrent subscriptions. The Fortnite star reached 269,154 subs during the height of his popularity.

A few hours later, Cenat passed Ludwig and the 300,000 sub mark. Before switching his allegiance to YouTube Gaming, the creator known simply as Ludwig collected more than 283,000 concurrent subs.

Cenat dubbed his current sub-a-thon the ‘Mafiathon,’ in reference to his fanbase. His decision to launch his campaign at the start of Black History Month is no coincidence. During a previous sub-a-thon, which pushed him above 90,000 subscribers, Cenat called out Twitch for allowing his “community to go unnoticed.”

Thanks to that run, as well as several other headline-grabbing initiatives throughout 2022, Cenat earned the Streamer of the Year title at the 2022 Streamy Awards. In the midst of his latest run, his announced his plan to sign with UTA. As that deal went live, UTA claimed that Cenat’s channel accounts for about 2.5% of Twitch’s platform-wide watch time.

There are still a handful of hours left in Cenat’s sub-a-thon, so he still has a chance to smash records. That would punctuate his streaming success, though no matter what happens, Cenat has already become one of the most memorable figures in Twitch history. We’ll keep an eye on his stream to see just how high he can fly.

[UPDATE 3/1/23 8 AM ET: This article was initially published before Cenat had passed Ludwig to take Twitch’s all-time subscriber record. Cenat has now reached that milestone, and this article has been updated to reflect his latest accomplishments.]

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