TheGrefg honored Twitch’s Hispanic and Latino community, and 1.75 million concurrent viewers tuned in

By 01/31/2023
TheGrefg honored Twitch’s Hispanic and Latino community, and 1.75 million concurrent viewers tuned in

Twitch‘s Spanish-speaking community includes some of the streaming platform’s most prominent personalities. At the second annual Premios Esland, top Hispanic and Latino creators took home honors. The show streamed on the Twitch account of its organizer, TheGrefg, and a peak audience of 1.75 million concurrent viewers tuned in.

This is the second-straight year that TheGrefg (whose real name is David Cánovas Martínez) has hosted an award show to celebrated Spanish-speaking streamers. To top the previous Premios, Martinez took the festivities to Mexico, where a massive live audience joined the on-stream viewers. In a tweet, Martinez called his show “the most important event in my life.”

In each category, winners were decided through a combination of fan voting and jury selections. Online video legend HolaSoyGerman received honors for his 12-year career on YouTube, while Spanish esports caster Ibai claimed the Streamer of the Year title.

The Premios’ peak concurrent audience was not an aberration. The stream averaged 1.4 million viewers and delivered nine million hours of watch time across six-and-a-half hours.

TheGrefg fans made up a significant portion of that audience. With 11.1 million followers, the 25-year-old gamer is one of the ten most-followed streamers on Twitch, according to Dexerto. That list also includes fellow Spaniards AuronPlay, elRubius, and Ibai, as well as Colombian creator JuanSGuarnizo. Last year, Ibai set the record for the highest Twitch viewership when 3.3 million concurrent viewers tuned in to watch him host an influencer boxing match. Martinez was the previous record holder in that category.

Martinez is not the only streamer to celebrate his community through an award show. An American counterpart, QTCinderella, accomplished a similar feat when she put on The Streamer Awards last year. Streamy Award producers Tubefilter and dick clark productions also added a number of streaming-centric categories for the ceremony that went down last December. All three shows are unaffiliated with one another.

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