Linktree’s new monetization options offer creators “freedom, flexibility, and security”

By 01/31/2023
Linktree’s new monetization options offer creators “freedom, flexibility, and security”

The 30 million users who take advantage of Linktree‘s link-in-bio platform can now harness some additional revenue streamers. In a blog post, the creator services firm announced three developments: An tool for receiving gifts from fans, a partnership with vending platform SendOwl, and new merch options courtesy of Bonfire.

All three updates are intended to advance creator monetization across Linktree’s network of links-in-bio and connected apps. The company describes its Buy Me A Gift feature as a relative of its tip jars. Users can appeal to their fans for monetary support and can accept gifts through PayPal, Venmo, credit cards, or several other means.

Since rising to popularity on Twitch, gifted subscriptions have been added to platforms like YouTube and Snapchat. Linktree’s gifts are a bit different since there are no subscriptions involved. In order to encourage users to turn on Buy Me A Gift, Linktree is temporarily waiving the associated transaction fees.


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The partnerships with SendOwl and Bonfire can put even more money in creators’ pockets. The former of those two companies will integrate into Linktree to let link-in-bio users display up to 10 products on a virtual carousel. Users who add Bonfire to their Linktree setups will have the chance to show off their personal designs.

If you follow Linktree closely, you may wonder why the company is adding new monetization options. Last year, Linktree introduced Payment Lock to put up paywalls on its links-in-bio, so the new features may seem redundant. But as the company’s latest blog post explains, more monetization options lead to more flexible experiences for users. If fans aren’t ready to make big financial commitments, they can now support their favorite creators in small ways.

“Fans may be open to tipping you as a quick ‘thanks’ for the free content,” reads Linktree’s post. “Others will prefer to support you by purchasing merch. Ideally, you’ll find plenty of people willing to do a mix of the three. Giving your audience options to support you in a way that suits them, means they’re more likely to do so – and that’s what brings you the freedom, flexibility, and security to keep doing what you love.”

Look for Linktree to continue rolling out new products as it approaches the one-year anniversary of the $110 million funding round it announced last year.

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