Davie504 and TwoSetViolin will settle their “Violin vs. Bass” battle with a live event

By 01/26/2023
Davie504 and TwoSetViolin will settle their “Violin vs. Bass” battle with a live event

For nearly three years, a pair of popular YouTube channels have been engaged in a musical debate. Italian “slapperDavie504 insists that bass is the best, while the well-practiced duo TwoSetViolin claims their titular instrument belongs atop the orchestral tier list.

On February 17, the two foes will settle their feud at a 5,000-seat venue. Their “Violin Vs. Bass” battle will determine which stringed apparatus is “the best instrument” of them all.

Davie504 and TwoSetViolin have been collaborating together since 2020. That’s when they engaged in a battle of epic proportions — which proved inconclusive. Since then, they’ve given each other lessons on their respective instruments while pretending to hold each other at gunpoint.


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The argument came to a head when the TwoSetViolin hosts — Brett Yang and Eddy Chen — challenged Davie to an in-person face-off. Davie accepted, and the date was set. “Violin gang, this is the perfect opportunity to save the innocent violin-chan from this tyranny and torture and end instrument violence once and for all,” Chen said in a recent hype video.

Davie previewed the bass vs. violin showdown in a video titled “the end.” He described the encounter as “one final battle to prove bass is the best.”

The two channels that will confront one another feature some of the most popular musical creators on YouTube. Davie reaches 12.6 million subscribers, while Yang and Chen count nearly four million subscribers of their own.

As can be expected with audiences that big, tickets for the Violin Vs. Bass battle are going fast. The Star Performing Arts Centre in Singapore will host the event, and the stall seats have already sold out. Ticket prices range from S$69 to S$199 ($52.59 to $151.68).

If you’re not local to Singapore, you can also catch a ticketed live stream of the event, which will be available around the world. In North America, the stream will launch at 8 PM ET on February 23.

The battle is sure to be full of enmity, but I still believe Davie, Yang, and Chen can come to a peaceful resolution. After all, the bass and violin have a lot in common. They’re both string instruments, they both have a mortal enemy (guitar and viola, respectively), and they’re both capable of beautiful music. Why can’t we all just be friends?

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