VidIQ is an optimization service for YouTube and TikTok. Now it’s powering up its coaching business.

By 09/08/2022
VidIQ is an optimization service for YouTube and TikTok. Now it’s powering up its coaching business.

VidIQ has announced a move that will allow it to provide its two million weekly active users with an additional layer of intelligence. The optimization and insights platform has acquired Video Creators, a consulting firm led by veteran channel coach Tim Schmoyer.

Schmoyer, who got his start on YouTube in 2006 by posting vlogs, has since established himself as a knowledgeable and experienced coach who helps his clients achieve significant growth and gains. His team at Video Creators has worked with over five thousand creators, who have collectively achieved 20 billion lifetime views and 100 million subscribers.

“My team and I really love doing this because we get to invest into relationships with some of America’s top fortune 100 brands, to small business owners, to hobby individual creators,” Schmoyer says in an introduction posted on the Video Creators website. Working alongside those varied partners, Schmoyer and his associates “put an action plan into place for [creators] to really take it to the next level.”


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Post-acquisition, Schmoyer will serve as the Chief Creator Coach at VidIQ. The company known for its sophisticated analytics dashboard and its keyword optimization also runs a counseling operation of its own. Users who buy into the service’s premium plan, VidIQ Max, can access two live group coaching sessions each month. By adding Schmoyer to its coaching team, VidIQ is enhancing the value of the $79/month Max subscription.

“By combining Tim’s extraordinary empathy for creators and proprietary channel growth process with our platform, we aim to help millions more creators find success,” said VidIQ CEO Rob Sandie. “Whether that’s becoming full-time or having fun on the side, we want all creators to have to achieve their goals and dreams.”

VidIQ was launched in 2011 and is headquartered in San Francisco. In addition to YouTube, it also offers services to creators on TikTok.

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