Jerma’s up to bat with his latest high-concept livestream

By 08/19/2022
Jerma’s up to bat with his latest high-concept livestream

Internet jester Jerma is gearing up to make some batters swing.

Jerma’s known for his elaborate Twitch streams, like that time he spent three days in an IRL recreation of The Sims, letting his viewers direct his every move, and that other time he went out in a Nevada desert, proclaimed himself “the greatest archaeologist on Twitch,” and dramatically unboxed a pack of Pokémon parody cards specially made for the stream.

His next spectacle, airing tonight, takes things to a whole new level.


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Or, we should say, to a whole new base.

At 7:30 p.m. EST on his Twitch channel, Jerma will host the first-ever Jerma Baseball Association game, airing live from an actual baseball field in St. Louis.

The game will pit two fake teams of real-life professional and semiprofessional baseball players against one another for nine innings of Jerma mania. The Maryland Magicians and the Cleveland Clowns will duke it with Jerma serving as umpire. There’ll also be announcers, sponsors, and a postgame report featuring other Association teams like the Red City Revolutionaries and the Montpelier Mimes.

No spoilers here, but we can say that those who tune in will be getting an eyeful of more than your typical baseball game.

Jerma tells Tubefilter the concept-to-execution road for a magicians versus clowns game wasn’t a hard one to travel.

“I had this idea one day to play a real baseball game in a cartoon universe—and we just decided to do it,” he says. “It’s as simple as that!”

Evolved, the talent management company that reps Jerma, was involved in producing the game alongside Jerma’s production head Jacob Komar.

Max Allen, who leads brand partnerships for Jerma at Evolved, tells Tubefilter that “Jerma is always working on creative formats and we are increasingly seeing interest in tournament/esports formats from our clients.”

“Certainly the trend in the industry is moving towards live, professionally produced productions in both fun and competitive capacities,” he adds.

Those interesting in catching Jerma’s first foray into baseball can tune in to Jerma’s channel here.

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