Emma Chamberlain’s coffee company gets a $7 million pick-me-up

By 08/16/2022
Emma Chamberlain’s coffee company gets a $7 million pick-me-up

Emma Chamberlain has raised a funding round that will help her bring her favorite drink to the masses. Her beverage brand, Chamberlain Coffee, has raised a $7 million Series A round that will fund a major expansion of the company.

Venture capitalists who participated in the Series A round include a few individuals with some inside knowledge of creator-led businesses. Early-stage investor Nik Sharma, for example, has also backed MrBeast’s FeastablesBlazer Capital is also joining the round after previously working with Chamberlain’s partner agency UTA to launch her beverage brand.

Chamberlain, who rose up on YouTube thanks to her unique vlogging style, is a well-known coffee lover. After featuring the caffeinated drink in her videos for years, she announced in 2020 that she planned to launch a java brand of her own. That company eventually took the name Chamberlain Coffee, and it has been expanding ever since.


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Chamberlain Coffee took a big step forward last year when it hired Christopher Gallant, formerly of RedBull, as its CEO. Gallant told Forbes that Chamberlain Coffee provides different roast levels and flavor profiles in order to serve the “very personal” relationship each consumer has with their coffee. The brand is also dedicated to sustainable and fair trade practices. That plays well with its Gen Z target audience.

As part of its growth, Chamberlain Coffee will look to hire its first CMO. Marketing is one of the company’s built-in advantages, thanks to the influence held by its titular creator. Earlier this year, teenage survey respondents chose Chamberlain as their favorite influencer, even though she was in the midst of a long-term hiatus.

Chamberlain told Forbes that the fresh funding will help her coffee brand speed up the timeline for its “largest goals.” The company’s current plan is to double its revenue each year.

“Chamberlain Coffee feels like an extension of myself, and getting to work on something that I feel so connected to has been so rewarding,” Chamberlain said. “I’m so excited about coffee and everything that comes with it. From the community, to the daily ritual, I truly adore coffee in every way. I’m so grateful that I have been able to expand Chamberlain Coffee to what it is today, and I am even more grateful for those who have made it a part of their daily routine.”

As she continues to further her business career, Chamberlain occasionally uploads new videos to YouTube. Two of the investors in Chamberlain Coffee’s Series A are Danish bakers, so hopefully we’ll get a Copenhagen edition of Chamberlain’s travel vlog series in the near future.

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