Can The Completionist bring his combination of video games and acting to TV? 100%.

By 08/10/2022
Can The Completionist bring his combination of video games and acting to TV? 100%.

When it comes to video games, Jirard Khalil likes to be thorough. Some players are willing to put down the controller after beating the final boss, but Khalil doesn’t quit until he’s collected 100% of the items and completed 100% of the missions that are available to him. That thorough approach has earned him the moniker The Completionist — and 1.5 million YouTube subscribers to go with it.

Khalil’s commitment to the games he plays has not gone unnoticed, and in 2020, a cable channel hit him up. The G4TV network was planning its revival, and it wanted The Completionist to serve as one of its primary on-air hosts. Two years later, G4 is back on the airwaves, and Khalil appears on some of its flagship programs, including Attack of the Show and X-Play. Now, he’s branching out even more by launching God of Work, a mockumentary that imagines what The Office would be like if Michael Scott were replaced by Kratos.

Though Khalil has reached 100% completion in titles that were never designed to reach that status, there’s more to his success than his dedication to video games. He has degrees in theater and film, and he brings his acting chops to his YouTube videos, which are lively and energetic. That attitude made Khalil a great candidate for a transition to TV, especially after he called out YouTube for the fluctuating reach of his channel.


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G4, which initially operated between 2002 and 2014, has recognized Khalil’s potential as an on-air personality. After providing him with some hosting gigs, the cable channel is now giving him the chance to portray Kratos in a show he created alongside Emily Rose JacobsonGod of Work will premiere in August and will be available both on G4 and the Completionist YouTube channel.

A God of Work clip shared by CNN provides a taste of the humor the God of War parody will provide. The show wouldn’t have been out of place in the mid-2010s, when companies like Machinima proliferated video game spoofs across the internet.

“This is a Kratos that’s overweight. It’s a Kratos that is disconnected from reality. He thinks he’s a rock star and that he’s made the big time since he came back in 2018,” Khalil told CNN. “He’s [become] the Michael Scott bully character of ‘The Office,’ where he can just get away with murder and no one will tell him not to do it.”

While he forays into the world of TV, Khalil is maintaining an active presence on YouTube. He recently went back in time to review the Nintendo 64 RPG Quest 64, and you better believe that he found all the secrets that game has to offer.

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