WEBTOON is coming to Brat TV, with TikTok star Jack Wright in a starring role

By 07/28/2022
WEBTOON is coming to Brat TV, with TikTok star Jack Wright in a starring role

With its devoted, Gen Z audience, WEBTOON has emerged as a vital platform on which up-and-coming creators can share their artistic work. Since 2020, the platform has paid out more than $27 million to the creators of its webcomics, and now, one of those comics is getting a screen adaptation.

Brat TV, which is known for launching serial programs that feature social media influencers in their starring roles, is adapting The Four of Them, one of the buzziest webcomics on WEBTOON. True to form, the three-episode series will be led by a number of TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube stars. Jack Wright, one of the original members of Hype House, will take the lead as Johnny, one member of the titular foursome. TikTokers Savanah Moss, Gianna Marie, and Leilani Green will join the cast, as will actors like Emily Brolin and Blake Alexander who have more traditional backgrounds.

The Four of Them, authored by Mai Hirschfeld, has spanned 137 episodes as has become a breakout hit on WEBTOON. Its story of teenage romance and friendship (which are common themes in Brat TV shows) has attracted 88 million views and 1.1 million subscribers.


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Much of the audience that has fallen in love with The Four of Them is part of Gen Z, and Brat TV and WEBTOON are natural partners because they appeal to the same demographic. “Though the medium is different, WEBTOON and Brat TV speak to the same consumer: Gen Z audiences who love narrative content, and so we couldn’t be more excited to bring this hit story to life,” said Brat TV co-founder Rob Fishman in a statement. WEBTOON VP of Content David Lee added that “WEBTOON and Brat TV are both home to new creative formats and massive Gen Z communities.”

The Brat TV adaptation of The Four of Them is due out in August. No trailers for the show have yet been uploaded to the Brat TV YouTube channel.

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