Here’s a stirring tribute to departed YouTube star Technoblade (and a campaign to support cancer research)

By 07/08/2022
Here’s a stirring tribute to departed YouTube star Technoblade (and a campaign to support cancer research)

A week after the death of Minecraft content creator Technoblade, a tribute to his positive personality has brought the YouTube community together. Sad-ist, an animation channel with 2.75 million subscribers, has combined one of Technoblade’s quotes with a drawing of the Minecraft mode SkyBlock.

The one-minute video features Technoblade’s description of SkyBlock, which is one of the most popular and difficult survival modes in a game filled with survival modes. Technoblade was well-known for his SkyBlock videos, one of which has received more than 35 million views to date.

“I think SkyBlock at its core is the ultimate challenge in resource management,” Technoblade says in the tribute video. “As you carefully navigate your absurd circumstance you gain a new appreciation for the few things you have.” It’s easy to connect that quote to the upbeat mentality he maintained as he struggled against the cancer that ravaged his body.


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Technoblade died in late June, about a year after he first told his fans that doctors had discovered a sarcoma in his right arm. Sad-ist’s animation doubles as a fundraiser for the Sarcoma Foundation of America (SFA), which is committed to researching a cure for the deadly form of cancer named in its title. Sad-ist also supported their fundraiser by heading to Twitch, where they created drawings based on viewer suggestions.

Sad-ist’s animations regularly feature popular personalities from the internet’s gaming community. Last year, she drew a one-on-one clash between Technoblade’s pig avatar and the hooded figure of iconic Minecraft star Dream. That video has picked up 26 million views to date, making it the second most-watched clip on the Sad-ist YouTube channel.

If you’d like to do your part to honor Technoblade’s legacy, you can support the SFA fundraiser via the organization’s website.

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