Can a random gamer plucked from obscurity beat one of YouTube’s top stars in ‘Fortnite’? SypherPK found out.

By 05/17/2022
Can a random gamer plucked from obscurity beat one of YouTube’s top stars in ‘Fortnite’? SypherPK found out.

Creator Andre Rebelo goes by the handle Typical Gamer, but his Fortnite skills are far from ordinary. On his stream, he regularly competes in high-stakes matches with millions on the line, and his 12.7 million YouTube subscribers tune in to watch him dominate.

So as you can see, Rebelo can really play, but is he better at Fortnite than some kid you’ve never heard of? That’s the question that one of Rebelo’s rivals — fellow YouTube star Ali ‘SypherPK‘ Hassan — tried to answer through a recent series of branded videos. Hassan worked with Lenovo Legion and AMD to launch #GamerVsWorld, which ended with a showdown between Hassan’s chosen champion and Rebelo. The campaign was developed and produced by Portal A.

Hassan and Portal A developed the idea for #GamerVsWorld after Hassan told Rebelo that he could find a gamer who could beat the Typical Gamer head-to-head. Rebelo didn’t believe him, so Hassan set out on his search and recruited creators from around the world as talent scouts. These “ambassadors” included the Indian streamer Gattu and Norwegian Fortnite player Endretta.


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After all the ambassadors surveyed their local communities (thanks to some help from the gaming PCs in the Lenovo Legion lineup), the #GamerVsWorld contenders put their skills to the test. Ultimately, it was Endretta’s pick who Hassan chose to challenge Rebelo in the series finale. Norwegian unknown FishaGG may not be a household name, but he had all the skills he needed to give one of YouTube’s top stars a run for his money.

The finale was a hotly contested affair, but ultimately, it was FishaGG who eked it out. As a result of losing his bet with Hassan, Rebelo will have to do a stream from an ice bath. Meanwhile, FishaGG will probably be streaming to way more than 3,800 people in the near future.

The real winners were the creators who hosted the #GamerVsWorld videos and the brands that sponsored them. In total, the campaign has delivered 5.4 million total views and has reached more than 31 million followers on social media.

There are three lessons to take away from this. First and foremost, #GamerVsWorld is a reminder that there is incredible talent in the esports world that hasn’t been discovered yet, and as internet connectivity continues to improve across the globe, more of these unheralded gamers will be able to show off their chops. Secondly, this is the latest campaign to leverage small streamers in order to appeal to consumers. Shining some light on creators who are just starting out is a noble mission, which is probably why brands like Jack in the Box and HyperX have employed similar strategies in their own gaming-focused videos.

And finally, an important reminder: Professional gamers are competitive by nature. If you pose a bet to one of them, you best believe they’re going to call you out, and they’re going to try as hard as they can to prove you wrong.

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