Underknown is building a network of curious content. It just acquired the YouTube channel Aperture.

By 03/18/2022
Underknown is building a network of curious content. It just acquired the YouTube channel Aperture.

Despite its name, Underknown is getting more attention with each passing day. The digital media publisher, which self-identifies as “obsessed with boiling down complex subjects in a fun, engaging way,” has announced its first acquisition of a previously-independent YouTube channel. It has scooped up the scientific, philosophical, and technological content of Aperture for an undisclosed sum.

Underknown’s top brands include the science channel What If and the self-explanatory hub How To Survive. Aperture has a lot in common with those channels. It features speculative, curious, and educational video essays of creator Mike McEwen, who balances a subdued, wondrous tone with abstract and colorful images. His most popular video asks viewers to ponder “The Most Advanced Civilization In The Universe.”


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In a statement, McEwen said he was drawn to Underknown because of its “vast experience in scientific storytelling, award-winning team of researchers and producers, and an unwavering curiosity for the world we live in.” Underknown’s seven other channels all produce fact-based content, and the Toronto-based company also boasts a vast distribution network, with more than 50 million followers across all platforms. As part of the acquisition, Underknown will expand Aperture to reach viewers on platforms like Facebook and Snapchat.

This is the first time Underknown has added a channel through acquisition rather than in-house development. CEO and co-founder Steve Hulford said that acquisitions are “hard to come by,” but the Aperture deal provides a platform for “expanding our content themes into Philosophy, Science and Psychology.”

“We look forward to working with Mike,” Hulford added. “What he has built is fantastic and we hope to continue to grow it on other platforms like Snapchat, Facebook, and Tiktok.”

More details about the Aperture acquisition can be found in a blog post on the Underknown website.

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