El Smosh returns with Spanish dubs of “fan-favorite” videos

By 03/14/2022
El Smosh returns with Spanish dubs of “fan-favorite” videos

Smosh is saying hola once more to its Spanish-language channel.

El Smosh, a side channel the sketch comedy group launched in 2012, contains some of Smosh’s popular English-language videos dubbed in Spanish. Smosh quietly tapered the channel off in April 2020, but now is relaunching it thanks to a new deal with Argentina-based Luis Enrique Studios.

The El Smosh channel has 3.78 million subscribers; Smosh overall has more than 46 million across its core channels Smosh, Smosh Pit, and Smosh Games.


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Beginning March 16, El Smosh will post new videos every Monday and every other Wednesday. A representative says videos will be “fan-favorites” dubbed over by Spanish voice actors.

“One of my goals with Smosh overall is to be able to create content that audiences can related to, no matter who they are or where they may live,” Smosh co-founder Ian Hecox said in a statement. “To be able to bring Smosh back to Spanish-speaking communities and go beyond subtitles helps bridge that gap, and I am very excited for that.”

Daniel Tibbets, Smosh’s CEO, added that Smosh’s core channels have seen an increasing amount of Spanish-speaking viewers in the U.S., as well as growing numbers of viewers in Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Peru, and Spain.

“Smosh is a global brand with a global fan base, and this is just one step we are taking to make our content as accessible as possible,” Tibbets said. “[W]e are excited to bring back El Smosh to these audiences.”

Hecox revealed El Smosh’s revival in a video announcement. You can see it below:

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