Twitter Is Testing ‘Flocks’ So You Can Just Tweet With Your Besties

By 01/25/2022
Twitter Is Testing ‘Flocks’ So You Can Just Tweet With Your Besties

Twitter is developing a ‘close friends’ feature internally referred to as ‘Flocks’, though it’s unclear whether it will ultimately see the light of day.

The product, per The Verge, lets creators share Tweets with up to 150 selected users – with only users in that ‘Flock’ being able to view or reply.

Twitter first teased a ‘trusted friends’ feature in July, notes The Verge, and mobile developer Alessandro Paluzzi has recently uncovered specifics. For instance, Tweets for Flocks would carry labels denoting them as such, and creators could potentially remove users from their Flocks at any time without any notifications being sent. A new option to publish to a Flock would appear in the Tweet publisher.


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The Verge notes that Twitter began testing a comparable feature called Communities in September, which enables creators to send out Tweets to those who have opted into a specific Community around a shared interest.

“Twitter is always working on new ways to help people engage in healthy conversations, and we’re currently exploring ways to let people share more privately,” a Twitter spokesperson told The Verge. “We don’t have any further news to share about the feature at this time, but we can confirm ‘Twitter Flock’ is just a placeholder name.”

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