YouTube’s Now Helping Creators Make Pitch Decks For Branded Partnerships

By 01/17/2022
YouTube’s Now Helping Creators Make Pitch Decks For Branded Partnerships

YouTube is working on tools to help creators forge more brand deals—and one of them is starting to roll out within the YouTube Partner Program.

In YouTube’s latest Creator Insider video, product manager Alina Verbenchuk introduces Media Kit, a new feature within YouTube Studio’s monetization tab that auto-generates what’s essentially customizable pitch decks for creators’ channels.

“In the past few years, we’ve seen tremendous growth in brand-sponsored content, and we’ve been investing in tools and features to enable better experiences and more transparent systems for creators, brands, and viewers,” Verbenchuk explains.


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Media Kit’s reports include a channel’s banner image, icon, bio, a box of “key channel stats,” information about viewership demographics, new analytics about viewers’ interests and shopping habits, and a set of featured videos to “show the best of your work,” as Verbenchuk puts it.

Creators can change the Media Kit bio without changing their public channel bio, and can choose which videos are included in the featured videos box.

Media Kit’s automatically scraped key stats include a channel’s number of subscribers, the number of videos that have been published on the channel, its lifetime number of unique viewers, its lifetime number of views, its lifetime watch time, its average view duration, the average percentage of a video that viewers watch, and what percentage of its viewers are returning viewers.

As for the new analytics, the mockup Creator Insider offers shows that audience interest analytics are meant to show what topics a channel’s audience is interested in, and the level of their interest compared to other audiences on YouTube. The mockup shows categories including “gamers,” “movie lovers,” and “light TV viewers.”

Similarly, shopping interests analytics show what a channel’s audience buys, and how often compared to other audiences on YouTube. Mockup categories here include consumer electronics, video games, and business services.

These analytics and the entire Media Kit as a whole are intended to show brands that “they are reaching the right audiences by working with you,” Verbenchuk says.

Media Kit is rolling out now to some U.S.-based creators in the YouTube Partner Program. Verbenchuk says YouTube plans to expand Media Kit to creators outside the U.S. in the future.

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