Alexis Ohanian, Gen Z Entrepreneur Tiffany Zhong Launch Podcast About NFTs

By 10/21/2021
Alexis Ohanian, Gen Z Entrepreneur Tiffany Zhong Launch Podcast About NFTs

Reddit co-founder and venture capitalist Alexis Ohanian and Tiffany Zhong — the founder of creator startup Islands — will tackle the burgeoning NFT market in a new podcast called Probably Nothing.

The co-hosts will cover NFT news, deep dives, and interviews with leaders in the space. The show launches today, with future installments to roll out weekly right here, and on Apple and Spotify.

Upcoming guests include: Bobby Hundreds, founder of the Adam Bomb Squad NFT project; Playboy CMO Rachel Webber, Time president Keith Grossman, YouTuber and crypto enthusiast Michelle Phan, Wengie, and Christie’s NFT lead Noah Davis.


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Per Forbes, Ohanian and Zhong met at a Y-Combinator hack-a-thon back in 2014 when Zhong — now 24 — was still in high school. The show grew out of their mutual love for NFTs, which they’ve been bantering about in Twitter DMs for months.

“What we’re seeing right now is one use of this technology — a canvas — and the emerging community of collectors that has already had a huge impact on the art world,” Ohanian said in a statement. “Working with Tiffany, this podcast will educate the public on the current trends, dive into the history of NFTs, and bring guests on to help us define where this is headed.”

Zhong, for her part, is an active NFT collector and has been a crypto enthusiast since 2017. Her startup, Islands, lets creators offer paid memberships to superfans for exclusive content and other forms of community and commerce.

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