Creators On The Rise: Jordi Just Wants To Make People Smile—And She’s Got 9 Million Followers To Show For It

By 09/08/2021
Creators On The Rise: Jordi Just Wants To Make People Smile—And She’s Got 9 Million Followers To Show For It

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Jordi (just Jordi) thrives in the spotlight.

As a kid, she fell in love with dancing, with singing, with making people laugh. By the age of five, she was dancing competitively. And by the time merged with TikTok in 2018, she was ready to twine her talents together into one performance.


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Jordi joined TikTok right after the merge, expecting that she might find a like-minded community of dance enthusiasts. Instead, she “quickly learned that comedy videos were my thing,” she says. She wasn’t a stranger to comedy: between dance recitals and singathons, she’d filmed funny clips, riffing on her widely known status as a “total goofball.” It just so happened that TikTok finally–and unexpectedly–gave her a platform to highlight her humor.

Over the past two and a half years, Jordi has cultivated a “positive yet relatable atmosphere” on TikTok, she says, posting skits about everything from being awkward at the club to parents walking in at less than opportune times to your average boyfriend moment.

She’s also debuted characters like Helga, an enormously dramatic, faux-Russian housewife with Whoville-worthy hair.

Collectively, Jordi’s TikTok content has amassed more than 365 million likes and pushed her account to 8.2 million followers.

And now, she’s hoping to build an equally sizable following on YouTube.

Like many TikTokers, Jordi dabbled in YouTube years ago, but never really found a foothold–until YouTube Shorts arrived. The platform’s TikTok competitor bowed earlier this year, and for Jordi, it’s been a game-changer.

Jordi’s monthly view and subscriber counts have surged since she began uploading her content to YouTube Shorts. Data from Gospel Stats.

Since March 2021, Jordi has uploaded more than 250 clips to YouTube Shorts, taking her channel from one million views in March to 6.5 million in April, 9 million in May, 13 million in June, 62 million in July, and 52 million in August.

Her subscriber count, meanwhile, has grown by nearly 200,000 people, to 580,000 total.

This growth (and her established presence on TikTok) has provided firm enough foundations for a career in entertainment that Jordi’s now moving from her hometown to Los Angeles. She has big dreams–like, Saturday Night Live and Staples Center big–and the more she stakes herself a spot on social media, the closer she feels to achieving them.

Check out our chat with her below.

Tubefilter: Tell us a little about you! Where are you from? What did you get up to before joining TikTok?

Jordi: My name is Jordi and I’m from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I’ve always been involved with anything super-creative! I literally grew up in the dance studio! I’ve been dancing competitively since I was five years old. I’ve loved entertaining people from a young age, whether that be singing on stage, making funny videos, or dancing my heart out! I’ve always had a passion for the spotlight and making people smile. You can ask all my family and friends, I’m also known for being a total goofball!!

Tubefilter: When and why did you join TikTok? Did you join kind of knowing the sort of content you wanted to make, or did you discover your niche along the way?

Jordi: I launched my TikTok channel in September of 2018, almost immediately after made the switch to Tiktok! When I first downloaded TikTok, I never expected to gain the following I have, but it was always a dream. I quickly learned that comedy videos were my thing! I’ve always made funny videos, even as a kid, so it was just second nature for me. As time went on, the love and support I have received is incredible! That just made making short-form content even more fun for me knowing people like watching what I put out in the world.

Tubefilter: How does your creative process work? Walk us through what goes into an average video! Do you script? How much editing do you do?

Jordi: For me personally, I get the MOST creative at nighttime. I love producing content in my room. It’s definitely where I’ve made some of my favorite videos! Sometimes it will take me forever to come up with a video idea, and sometimes ideas will just be never-ending!! I’ll typically sit in my room scrolling through my feeds until something comes to me. One time I had a creative block, so I just threw on a panda suit and just started filming! LOL

Tubefilter: You started a YouTube channel with long-form content a couple years ago, but it seems to have really taken off in the last few months! What role has YouTube Shorts played in the growth of your channel (and career)?

Jordi: I first launched my YouTube channel in February of 2017. I really didn’t do much with it. In mid-2020, and with the help of The Network Effect, I started to dabble in a few different content concepts. I filmed my first “lyric prank text video,” and it started to take off! In this series, I take a popular song and text the lyrics to a friend/crush/family member and prank them! I continue to contribute long-form videos to this series because it’s definitely a favorite on my channel!

Then, when Shorts launched, we immediately diversified to both long-form and short-form content. My views and subscribers have seen an amazing boost. Over the last three months, I have something like 125 million views and have gained over 170,000 subscribers. Just an insane game-changer!

Tubefilter: What do you hope people take away from your content?

Jordi: Honestly, I just hope that I can put a smile on people’s faces! I want people, when they watch my videos, to feel like they are talking to a friend! My content is definitely something that I hope will cheer someone up if they are having a bad day or just need a good laugh. When you go to my channel, it’s always a very positive yet relatable atmosphere, which is why I feel I’m able to connect with my viewers so much!

Tubefilter: How has your personal brand grown over the past few months? Have you expanded your content to platforms other than TikTok and YouTube? Have you gotten any cool sponsorships or other opportunities?

Jordi: I have definitely seen some incredible growth as of late! YouTube Shorts has given me amazing additional exposure on YouTube, and it’s been super cool to watch how many people enjoy my content! I also have ventured into the crazy world of Snapchat (now that my channel is public). It’s wild to share your snap stories with over 800,000+ subs.

A cool opportunity I am blessed with is working closely with Windsor, one of my favorite clothing companies. Recently, they flew me out to do a photoshoot for their prom collection. Definitely one of the coolest experiences ever! I had my own hair and makeup artist, and they even brought me Starbucks (which of course I was super happy about LOL).

Tubefilter: A similar question, but due to your recent spike in views/followers, do you have any new plans or goals for your content career? Do you think content will be a full-time pursuit for you long-term?

Jordi: For my entire life the end goal for me has always been music! Singing is my passion and I have been able to connect with amazing people across all aspects of the music industry! I’m going out to LA In October to start working on and writing my music and I’ve never been more excited to take this next step and share another piece of my heart with the world!

@iamjordiofficialThe front desk didn’t help 😑♬ original sound – simon mayer

Tubefilter: What’s your favorite part of making content as a whole?

Jordi: I love how I’m able to be myself and be very playful with my videos no matter how old I am. I love how I’m able to incorporate the characters I create into my content! I recently introduced “HELGA” to my content mix, who I’m sure you will be seeing a lot more of! I also cherish how I’ve been able to meet some of my best friends through this journey. I am super grateful for the amazing opportunities that social media and The Network Effect have provided for me!

Tubefilter: What’s next in the immediate future for you and your channel? Where do you see yourself in five years?

Jordi: FUNNY. VIDEOS. ALL. THE. TIME. I’m going to continue to create as much as I can and continue building a relationship with my fanbase. Since I’ll be heading to L.A., I’m sure you can expect to see some collabs in the near future, and maybe some sneak peeks into my music journey!

Where do I see myself in five years?? I would absolutely love to be on Saturday Night Live!! It would be crazy to sell out the Staples Center too…DREAMING, OF COURSE…

…but you never know what the future holds. ❤️

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