Tech Startup Stir Launches ‘Stir For Managers,’ Where Talent Managers And Creators Can See And Share Analytics, Revenue (Exclusive)

By 08/03/2021
Tech Startup Stir Launches ‘Stir For Managers,’ Where Talent Managers And Creators Can See And Share Analytics, Revenue (Exclusive)

Creator-focused tech startup Stir is launching a new suite of tools that “has solved creator/manager trust,” founder and CEO Joseph Albanese tells Tubefilter.

At its core, the Stir for Managers platform lets talent managers and their stables of digital content creators share access to transparent information about revenue from platform earnings and brand deals. From there, it allows them to split the earnings into separate bank accounts.

The suite has built-in permissions, Albanese says, so creators can approve revenue splits before the money is disbursed. It also has automatic and shared invoicing for both managers and creators–and it generates 1099s for tax time.


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All of these functions are intended to built trust between managers and creators, Albanese says.

“Managers and creators are partners, but building businesses with new models can sometimes lead to discrepancies,” he explains. “Our tools are aimed at protecting the interests of both parties.”

Stir–which previously developed tech drops like FYP.RIP, OnlyTweets, and MerchWith, and in May released Pay, a platform that lets creators make and receive instantaneous bank-to-bank payments without fees–launched the manager/creator suite into beta earlier this year. Albanese says the managers and creators currently using the suite are collectively handling millions of dollars each month with its tools.

As is the norm with Stir products, the company does not charge anything to use Stir for Managers, and does not take a cut of revenue transacted through the platform.

Stir has raised an undisclosed amount of seed and Series A funding from investors including Andreessen Horowitz, Casey NeistatYouTube co-founder Chad HurleyCameo CEO Steven Galanis, digital media company MythicalPatreon CEO Jack Conte, Anchor CEO Michael Mignano, and SeatGeek executive Ian Borthwick.

Albanese says that, in addition to facilitating trust, the tools allow managers to automate time-consuming tasks that might otherwise be handled by a personal assistant or accountant.

“We’re not just saving them hours, we’re saving them tens of thousands of dollars on admin,” Albanese says.

He adds that the automation also gives managers more time to focus on their clients–and that, in some cases, managers using the tools have been able to double their client bases after joining.

Stir for Managers launches wide today. Interested managers and creators (who can each sign up for accounts independent of one another) can check it out here.

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