YouTube, Emojam Partnership Lets Creators Reward Channel Members With Custom Sound-Enabled GIFs, Emojis (Exclusive)

By 07/08/2021
YouTube, Emojam Partnership Lets Creators Reward Channel Members With Custom Sound-Enabled GIFs, Emojis (Exclusive)

Emojam, a company that makes GIFs and emojis with sound for use on various social media and messaging platforms, has officially teamed up with YouTube to provide creators with custom digital rewards for channel members.

Through the partnership, Emojam will allow any creator with Channel Memberships (YouTube’s monthly subscription service, where fans can pay $5+ per month for access to extra content) to create and distribute custom sound-enabled GIFs and emojis. These items can then be offered as incentives for channel members.

LaurenzSide, a gaming/comedy creator with 5.8 million subscribers, has been piloting Emojam’s tools with her channel members, and has also invested an undisclosed amount of money in the company.

“Emojam has been an absolute pleasure to work with and I’ve gotten such a positive response from my audience with how much they love the GIF designs,” LaurenzSide said in a statement. “My YouTube community post announcing my Emojam GIFs got SO much engagement and my memberships saw a quality increase because of the announcement.”

She added, “I would definitely recommend Emojam to any YouTube creator, and I’m excited to also step in as an official investor in the company to help support its continued quality growth.”

LaurenzSide is one of 13 creator launch partners debuting Emojam content to signal the start of its deal with YouTube. Other launch partners include Stephen Sharer (8.96 million subscribers), ItsFunneh (7.82 million), Kreekcraft (3.21 million), The Fitness Marshall (3.27 million), Donut Media (5.32 million), Kati Morton (1.09 million), The United Stand (1.06 million), Ownage Pranks (5.37 million), Stephen Sharer (8.96 million), MeganPlays (3.6 million), Treyten (1.94 million), GrayStillPlays (4.95 million), and The Daily Connoisseur (156K).

Emojam says it has “many more” creator partnerships in the works.

The company, which was founded in 2016 by CEO Louise-Marie Marguet, has previously made sound-enabled assets for a range of musicians and traditional celebrities, including Mary J. Blige, John Legend, Gwen Stefani, Mike Shinoda, and Run the Jewels.

“We’ve seen major success within the music community, so when we started to explore making audio GIFs and emojis for fans of YouTube creators, the positive feedback and the growing number of fans paying monthly to unlock exclusive audio GIFs was incredible,” Marguet said. “We look forward to helping foster more fan to creator connections with this partnership.”

Creators interested in using Emojam’s tools can see more information here.