TikTok Test Will Let Creators Pay To Promote Their Own Videos On The ‘For You Page’

By 05/11/2021
TikTok Test Will Let Creators Pay To Promote Their Own Videos On The ‘For You Page’

TikTok has confirmed to Tubefilter that it is hosting a test — which is not yet widely available, a spokesperson says — enabling creators to pay to promote their videos on its ‘For You Page‘.

The feature appears to have been uncovered by a TikTok user named WaveWyld, a self-described TikTok marketing expert, and subsequently amplified by TikToker Matthew Rein and The New York Times reporter Taylor Lorenz (below).

Those who are a part of the test can access the new feature in ‘Settings’ by tapping ‘Creator Tools’, and then ‘Promote’. Creators can then scroll through their past TikToks and select the one(s) they want to amplify.


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It appears as though promotions are purchased via Coins — TikTok’s in-app currency, which can also be used to send virtual gifts. Sixty-five Coins are priced at $1. Creators can set a budget for how many Coins they’d like to deploy per day, as well as the length of their promotional campaigns. In the video example shared by WaveWyld, a creator spends 400 Coins — or roughly $6.15 — daily over the course of two days, which translates to an amplification of roughly 11,575 video views.

Creators can select one of three goals in purchasing promotions — to amplify video views, website visits, or follower counts — as well as customize the demograpics of the audience they are seeking to target.

Finally, posts that have been sponsored by creators on the For You Page will be labeled as such.

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