Brent Rivera, Ben Azelart Launch Podcasts Alongside Their ‘Amp’ Content Studio

By 03/24/2021
Brent Rivera, Ben Azelart Launch Podcasts Alongside Their ‘Amp’ Content Studio

Amp Studios, the digital content studio co-founded by YouTube megastar Brent Rivera and his manager and business partner, Max Levine, is delving into the podcast realm.

Huntington Beach, Calif-based Amp helps develop emerging creators and produces their content, working with a portfolio of brand-safe stars that generates a staggering 1 billion monthly views, including Ben Azelart, Brent’s sister Lexi Rivera, Alan and Alex Stokes, Lexi Hensler, and more.

Amp also operates its own seven-month-old media brand, Amp World, which features collaborations from its talent roster, including challenges, games, and skits. The company has also collaborated on brand campaigns with the likes of Netflix, EA, Hollister, Disney, and Coca-Cola.


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Now, Rivera and Azelart are kicking off its inaugural podcast slate, which will include both audio and video editions.

The studio’s first audio series is Stay Wild, in which Azelart and his two best friends — Derek Days and Paris Rosenbaum — discuss their thrill-seeking adventures. Nineteen-year-old Azelart, who has amassed 6.5 million subscribers on his challenge and comedy-packed YouTube channel, launched the audio venture on March 14. Stay Wild has already racked up over 340,000 subscribers on an accompanying YouTube channel and a ‘trending’ spot on Spotify’s podcast charts, Amp says.

And next week, Rivera will launch his podcast venture, So Relatable. The show will cover hot topics in social media and pop culture, and the 23-year-old will invite fellow creators on to talk shop. Rivera, for his part, counts 15.5 million subscribers and 80 million monthly views.

In addition to being the names of their podcasts, Relatable and Stay Wild are the names of Rivera and Azelart’s respective merch brands.

You can check out the latest episode of Stay Wild right here:

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