FaZe Clan Adds 6 New Members In Open Recruitment Blitz

By 01/05/2021
FaZe Clan Adds 6 New Members In Open Recruitment Blitz

Gaming and esports organization FaZe Clan has six new members after a months-long open recruitment challenge that drew more than 211,000 applicants from around the world.

The challenge launched in September, and was open to everyone with no limits, FaZe Clan owner FaZe Apex said in an announcement video. Unlike most of the organization’s earlier drives, he explained, this latest one was “not based on Call of Duty, it’s not based on just Fortnite, it’s not based on just gaming.”

“It’s open to anybody in the world, basically, who wants to get a chance to do this,” he said. “There’s no age limit. There’s nothing that can limit anybody watching this video from trying out for FaZe.”


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Despite the apparent call for diverse applicants, all six of FaZe’s new members are gaming content creators, and all six are men. FaZe Clan currently has more than 70 members, and all of them are male.

New members include:

  • FaZe Faxuty, a California-based Call of Duty streamer who has 78K followers on Twitch and 22.5K subscribers on YouTube. Per a release from FaZe Clan, he “sees joining…as the start of what’s going to be a truly incredible gaming journey.”
  • FaZe VIRUS, a longtime Call of Duty pro based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, who has 161K followers on Twitch and 367K subscribers on YouTube. He “is on a mission to inspire and bring more recognition to other skilled gamers in the Middle East.”
  • FaZe Nio, a Vancouverite Call of Duty pro and streamer who previously competed in tournaments with fellow FaZe Clan member NICKMERCS. He currently has 156K followers on Twitch, and “has pivoted his focus on content creation witht he goal of building a truly authentic and tight-woven community around his gameplay.”
  • FaZe K1nG, a 14-year-old Fortnite pro hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He placed top five in the 2019 Fortnite World Cup, and has 947K subscribers on YouTube. He “remains focused on winning the ultimate title of Fortnite World Champion,” FaZe says.
  • FaZe Flea, an Australian Fortnite creator with 1.68 million subscribers on YouTube and 420K followers on Instagram. Across both accounts, he has posted more than 400 videos edited from his Fortnite gameplay. FaZe cites his “passion for innovation,” which “has him constantly striving to unlock new creative capabilities and ideas.”
  • And FaZe Scope, a sports and Fortnite creator from Grand Rapids, Mich., who has 209K subscribers on YouTube and 133K followers on Twitch. He “credits FaZe Clan as the inspiration for building a lucrative path through gaming and content creation.”

FaZe Scope was a surprise sixth joiner from the challenge, which was only supposed to bring in five new creators. FaZe decided to bring him in because of the “intense competition” for spots, it says.

In addition to becoming full-fledged members of FaZe Clan, each of the six newbies won $20,000 and a sponsorship deal with the organization’s primary sponsor, energy drink brand G FUEL. FaZe Faxuty also won a custom Nissan Kicks SUV.

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