BBTV Signs 5 International Gamers Who Count 23 Million Collective Subscribers

By 11/30/2020
BBTV Signs 5 International Gamers Who Count 23 Million Collective Subscribers

Multli-platform digital network BBTV has added 23 million YouTube subscribers and 217 million and monthly viewers with its latest fleet of creator signings, it says — all of whom hail from the international gaming community.

BBTV, which went public on the Toronto Stock Exchange in late October, has signed L’étoile Noire, Acenix, Games EduUu, Mustafa GAME OVER, and VinhMC. L’etoile Noirse (1.2 million subscribers, 17 million monthly views), a Fortnite creator, is the sixth largest gamer in all of France, while Games EduUu (8.8 million subscribers, 55 million monthly views) is the 12th largest gamer in Brazil in terms of total subscribers.

Acenix, who hails from Spain, counts 4.2 million subscribers and 50 million monthly views, while Mustafa GAME OVER is the largest Minecraft channel in the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa), with 8.1 million subscribers and 81 million monthly views. Finally BBTV has added VinhMC, who resides in Vietnam and is best known for his Minecraft walkthroughs, with 853,000 subscribers and 14 million monthly views.

In the last twelve months ended September 2020, BBTV says its gaming content has reached 78 billion views — hence why it’s seeking to double down on the space. The company has also added a flurry of other creators — including parkour athlete Nick Pro and lifestyle vlogger Francesca Farago — to its arsenal in the wake of its IPO.

“Global TAM [total available market] for gaming revenues is forecasted to reach nearly $160 billion in 2020, surpassing books, music, and movies,” BBTV chairperson and CEO Shahrzad Rafati said in a statement. “BBTV’s Gaming content partners command some of the largest audiences globally, and we’re poised to benefit from this as advertisers continue to shift their advertising dollars to this highly sought after segment.”