Teespring Teams Up With YouTubers For Merch-Selling Cyber Monday Live Streams

By 11/18/2020
Teespring Teams Up With YouTubers For Merch-Selling Cyber Monday Live Streams

Merch manufacturer Teespring is partnering with creators to take things live on Cyber Monday.

YouTubers including buzzy marble-racer Marble Runs (1.28 million subscribers) and gamer TagBackTV (819K) are set to hold QVC-esque merch-selling streams Nov. 30 using Teespring’s live stream-specific creator tools. Participating creators will be able to pin merch items to the top of their streams’ live chats, and viewers will see real-time, in-frame popups anytime merch is purchased from their Teespring store.

Teespring, which sells branded products from around 450,000 YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, and Instagram creators, decided to host Cyber Monday live streams because folks kept home by COVID-19 lockdowns have “more time to watch retailers live and shop,” and because “live shopping is a growing trend within the retail market,” it says.

CEO Chris Lamontagne added, “The buy-in from creators has been fantastic. We are seeing a really creative approach with creators planning to do physical merch drops on Black Friday, Digital Products drops on Cyber Monday, and to create charity-themed campaigns on Giving Tuesday.”

Digital Products are Teespring’s newest offering. Prior to launching them in October, Teespring solely vended physical merch items like mugs, T-shirts, and plushies. Digital Products are the virtual counterparts: custom wallpapers, photo filters, ebooks, and other premium, downloadable content.

Teespring says this post-Thanksgiving event builds on its Merch Shelves integration with YouTube; that launched in 2017. In August, it debuted a more extensive integration with TikTok that lets creators “create their own products on Teespring, push it directly to TikTok, and then have fans be able to buy products directly through TikTok.”