TikTok Partners With Associated Press To Display Live Election Results In ‘For You’ Feed

By 10/28/2020
TikTok Partners With Associated Press To Display Live Election Results In ‘For You’ Feed

Come Election Day, TikTok users will see official voting results in their For You feeds, thanks to a partnership with the Associated Press.

“The majority of content people see on TikTok comes through their For You feed, which shows videos regardless of when they were posted,” the platform said in its announcement today. “That’s why we’re working with the AP to provide access to their interactive map which shows live results for races.”

The map will appear among user-generated videos as folks swipe up through their feeds, TikTok said. Whenever it’s selected, it will display real-time federal and state results in contests for president, Congress, governor, and local ballot initiatives.

TikTok will additionally use the map—and AP’s data in general—to enforce its policies about election misinformation. On Nov. 3, it will work with fact-checkers to “reduce discoverability of content that prematurely claims victory in a race before results are confirmed by the Associated Press,” it said. Content that is restricted will be labeled with a Twitter-esque banner that points viewers to TikTok’s election guide and information about voting rights. (Speaking of Twitter, it too recently introduced policies against early claims of victory.)

Also on Election Day, TikTok will add more resources to its election guide, including: links to the U.S. Election Assistance Commission website for questions on polling locations, hours, and voter registration requirements; the Election Protection Hotline number for reporting voter suppression; and a Q&A from the National Association of Secretaries of State addressing questions about the voting process.

“Millions of Americans come to TikTok to express their creative side and connect with others. While much of the time that means lighthearted content, what’s going on in the world around us is often reflected in creative expression,” TikTok said. “In these momentous times, we’re intent on supporting our community as we work to maintain the integrity of our platform.”