David Blaine’s Balloon-Powered YouTube Stunt Postponed To Sept. 2

By 08/31/2020
David Blaine’s Balloon-Powered YouTube Stunt Postponed To Sept. 2

Magician David Blaine has bumped his balloon-powered flight, which will be livestreamed as a YouTube Original, from Aug. 31 to Sept. 2.

“I’ve been working diligently on this with the best team in the world, but because of the complexity of this project, I’m not going forward with my plans to do New York City at this time,” Blaine said in a video about the delay.

The project, called David Blaine Ascension, will see the longtime street magician and death-defier “grab a bunch of balloons and go floating up into the sky until I almost disappear,” he explained. It will be Blaine’s first live stunt in eight years; his last one, posted to YouTube in 2012, featured him standing atop a 22-foot-high pole for 72 hours straight, surrounded by electrified coils.

Blaine was supposed to launch today in New York or New Jersey, YouTube confirmed. Instead, he’s now projected to take off this Wednesday in Arizona. The Ascension live stream will begin at 9 a.m. Eastern.

We say “projected” because both Blaine and YouTube cautioned that the date and time may shift again if the weather isn’t right. “Everything is wind-dependent,” Blaine said.

You can see Ascension’s full-length trailer below.