Twitch Is Offering Discounted Recurring Subscriptions Purchased In September

By 08/27/2020
Twitch Is Offering Discounted Recurring Subscriptions Purchased In September

For the fourth year running, Twitch is offering discounts on all subscriptions purchased in September for its annual SUBtember event.

SUBtember, sponsored by Capital One, offers subscription discounts that are tiered in accordance with the length of the commitment: 20% off the first month of a new recurring one-month subscription, 25% off the first three months of a recurring three-month subscription, and 30% off the first six months of a six-month subscription.

The latter two offerings are new, Twitch said in a blog post, and seek to help creators gain a steadier grip on the support that they are bound to receive over the long-term. There’s no limit to the number of subscriptions that viewers can purchase throughout SUBtember, Twitch said, and the discounts can also be applied for users who already have a channel subscriptions but want to increase their level of support. (There are a total of three subscription tiers — more on that below).

Twitch notes that while viewers will receive a discount on their end, creators will continue to receive the full value of each subscription. (That said, Twitch reportedly takes a substantial 50% cut of all subscriptions, except with respect to top streamers who average 10,000 viewers or more during streams. For those creators, Twitch only takes a 30% cut).

Subscriptions start at $5 per month and let viewers pay for exclusive perks, including custom emotes, badges, ad-free viewing, sub-only streams or chats, and more. Subs can either be bought on a one-time or recurring basis — though SUBtember discounts only apply to recurring purchases. There are two subscription tiers beyond the standard offering: Tier 2 subs are priced at $10 per month, while Tier 3 subs are priced at $25 per month. The higher tiers provide added perks, including more exclusive emotes that can be used across Twitch, or Badge Flairs — special designs overlaid atop standard subscription badges.