MrBeast Just Launched A Gaming Channel. Now He’s Looking To Hire An Editor.

By 05/15/2020
MrBeast Just Launched A Gaming Channel. Now He’s Looking To Hire An Editor.

MrBeast, one of the biggest breakout YouTube stars in recent memory, is launching another venture on the platform that started it all.

While his main channel (34 million subscribers, upwards of 230 million monthly views) frequently features stunts and competitions in which he’s handing out large sums of cash, MrBeast — whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, 22 — has now established a YouTube hub for gaming. At launch, it appears as though Minecraft will be his title of choice.

Donaldson will be releasing three videos per week, he says, and uploads thus far seem to be in line with the types of challenges that proliferate on his main channel — except in Minecraft — with the same pricey prizes attached. While his first video, Last To Survive Wins $10,000 (below), was uploaded just two days ago, the channel — appropriately titled MrBeast Gaming — appears to have been created on April 7, and has amassed 166,000 subscribers to date.

And job-seeking fans of Donaldson with editing experience may be in luck. The team appears to be hiring video editors to work on the channel — a full-time, salaried position with benefits.

In addition to MrBeast Gaming, Donaldson also operates a third channel dubbed BeastHacks (2.7 million subscribers, roughly 10 million monthly views), in which he and his friend crew review various life hacks and experiments. That channel launched in 2016.

On his flagship channel, Donaldson’s stunts have become seemingly even more generous — and charitable — as his star has ascended. In recent months, for instance, he has used his platform to raise more than $1 million for coronavirus relief efforts and planted 20 million trees as part of his #TeamTrees initiative.