YouTube Spaces Unveil Virtual Resources For Creators In Light Of Social Distancing

By 04/20/2020
YouTube Spaces Unveil Virtual Resources For Creators In Light Of Social Distancing

Given social distancing guidelines across the globe, YouTube Spaces — the physical locations where creators can convene for networking events and production facilities — are shuttered for the time being.

Instead, the Spaces are rolling out new virtual offerings that are available to any creators who have unlocked access to a YouTube Space, per an email sent out by the company’s Los Angeles location. (In order to gain access to the space, creators with 10,000 subscribers and no channel strikes must first apply, and then participate in an orientation). “We have been working hard to develop several ways to help you stay home and stay creative,” the company wrote, “from online workshops to special perks to direct contact with our Tech Cage team.”

First up are regular ‘office hours’ sessions on production and post-production, where creators can virtually ask technical or creative questions to experts from YouTube’s tech team. Additionally, YouTube Spaces will be hosting live online workshops on various topics, including livestreaming, home production, and other ways that creators can grow their channels and connect with audiences during this time.

In terms of editing, YouTube Space has also paired up with software maker Adobe for a weekly Tips & Tricks For Post Production live stream, which will take place every Tuesday and also feature appearances by top creators, including Michelle Phan, Shameless Maya, and Freddie Wong. Finally, YouTube Spaces is offering exclusive discount codes on production gear at B&H Photo Video, which you can check out right here..

YouTube says that additional offerings will continue to roll out, as announced on the Twitter page of each respective YouTube Space. YouTube currently operates seven Spaces globally — in Berlin, London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Rio, and Tokyo. Last May, the company shuttered two Spaces in Mumbai and Toronto amid a new strategy that saw it ramping up Pop-up Spaces to meet more layered and region-specific needs.