Canadian Digital Network BroadbandTV Surpasses 575 Million Monthly Viewers

By 06/11/2019
Canadian Digital Network BroadbandTV Surpasses 575 Million Monthly Viewers

While other multi-channel networks may be faltering, Vancouver’s BroadbandTV (BBTV) continues to shatter new viewership records, it says.

The network’s content now garners 575 million unique viewers each month, making it second only to Google in terms of all monthly internet viewership, per a February comScore study. In the top 12 countries where Google operates, BBTV now represents 56% of all of the company’s traffic. Furthermore, BBTV says it now clocks 46.9 billion minutes of monthly watch time, citing the same study — a significant leg up over competitors UPROXX (19.1 billion minutes), Disney (16.9 billion minutes), NBC (10.3 billion minutes), and CBS (3 billion minutes).

With these towering figures has come revenue growth as well. From 2014 to 2018, total revenues increased 927%, the company said.

BBTV helps creators with video creation, distribution, management, and monetization. It operates in 10 languages and 29 countries, and is majority owned by RTL Group. Some of the biggest channels in its network include Major Lazer, ItsLikelyMakeup, Davey Wavey, and Tanner Fox.

“With unprecedented growth and an unwavering commitment to profitability, we continue to lead our peer group in all key measures, including unique viewers and watch-time,” BBTV founder and CEO Shahrzad Rafati (pictured above) — who has increasingly assumed more governmental responsibilities in recent months — said in a statement. “We’re building one of the most successful media technology companies in the world from the West Coast of Canada, and despite all that we have achieved, this is really just the beginning.”